The United States Army is one of many legal types of organisations of the armed forces and has been since June 1775. It is the largest and oldest of all the subdivisions of the military and continues to rule all menaces aimed at the United States alongside the Navy. Air Force. Coast Guard. and Marines. Like many other organisations in the United States. the U. S Army has a construction of its ain. From the top down. it functions as any other organisation. but unlike most. every member of its squad carries rank and has a concatenation of bid to stay by. In the undermentioned I will depict and measure the construction and maps within the United States Army. compare it to its fellow subdivisions. and explicate its organisational design that has been the primary ground Americans have been kept free from dictatorship and bask the freedoms taken for given every twenty-four hours.

Army Organizational Structure

The United States Army has a construction that starts every bit high as the President of the United States down to the newest and youngest recruit soldier. Its organisational construction far exceeds that or your local vicinity Wal-Mart. yet has far less “employees” . As of 2014. the U. S Army has a entire strength of on or about 1. 130. 000 soldiers. that which include the Army National Guard and Army Reserve units ( “The Official Homepage of the United States Army” . 2014 ) .

Other than the President of the United States. orders go downhill following the Secretary of Defense. Secretary of the Army. Joint Chief of Staffs. so along to Regional Commands stationed globally. Thereafter. divisions are formed by brigades. which control battalions beneath them. formed by several units or companies of soldiers organized consequently into platoons. Trying to explicate the organisational construction of an full military subdivision would be instead extended and complicated. therefore the followers will breakdown the basic construction of a U. S Army company.

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Similar to unmilitary organisations. the U. S Army has a construction that coincides with one another to be able to work decently. No affair the type of battalion. either it consist of Armored. Infantry. Airborne. or Calvary soldiers. a Headquarters company is and ever will be the nucleus to a battalion. That company staffs a assortment of soldiers with peculiar occupations that range from disposal ( S1 ) . intelligence ( S2 ) . preparation and operations ( S3 ) . logistics ( S4 ) . communicating ( S6 ) . medical. machinist. and any other type of military occupational forte ( MOS ) that chiefly maps to back up its full battalion. All these so called “S Shops” work aboard each other and manage the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern every bit good as prepare units for preparation exercisings and abroad deployments.

Similar organisations that resemble the U. S Army would be that of the Marine Corps and the Navy. Even though these subdivisions fight to support the United States and its involvement right alongside the U. S Army. each of their “mission statement” differs somewhat. The United States Marine Corps works closely with the U. S Navy when it comes to preparation and combat deployments. Like the U. S Army. they both have similar rank constructions that move up the concatenation of bid until it hits the President of the United States. A few differences between these subdivisions though. the Marine Corp Commandant reports straight to the Secretary of the Navy. as does the U. S Navy. unlike the U. S Army. which reports to the Secretary of the Army.

Organizational Functions

The United States Army has many maps that influence its finding on maintaining its soldiers decently trained. physically and mentally tough. and readily available to deploy within a few yearss of after being called for combat operations. To be able to develop a soldier. willing and able work forces and adult females must first enlist into the U. S Army. No affair their grounds of fall ining. either school or nationalism. they are all trained as peers. For this to go on. selling runs must be advertised to be able to enroll. Television commercials demonstrate briefly the life of a soldier and the benefits. non merely to him/herself. but their households and the bravery it takes to fall in the “Army of One” . Recruiters frequently visit local high schools in efforts to enlist shortly to be high school alumnuss. Others wander around shopping promenades passing out booklets. talking to interested work forces and adult females on what it takes to be a soldier.

All this is merely possible if the United States Army is financially able. Like all other organisations. they must follow a specific budget that continuously gets cut for political grounds. The U. S Army has an estimation figure of soldiers that it can enroll and hold enlisted at certain times under the units structural guidelines. These Numberss and construction autumn under the Table of Organization and Equipment ( TOE ) . An surplus of soldiers in assorted units account for legion war clip hitchs aimed at keeping strength in Numberss. But what happens when there are no more wars to be fought? Excess soldiers of certain military occupational fortes are deemed unneeded and uprightly discharged before their terminal of term is officially over. On the civilian side. this is known as retrenchment.

The ground forces concatenation of bid is what keeps the U. S Army organized and disciplined. Not all orders given are ever performed to the missive and many are sometimes undue. For these grounds. there is besides a human resources section within a battalion. When some issues need greater attending and non are able to be handled within a unit. the Post Inspector General can be contacted. The Inspector General. or IG. assist implement all army ordinances that involve soldiers of any rank and besides their households when demand be.

IG helps help commanding officers in managing penalties. what is allowed. and what actions are authorized in merely penalizing a soldier temporarily or dispatching him/her from service. Normally. when IG is contacted. it is for negative grounds. but there ever has to be a strong manus to implement and act upon the uninterrupted control of soldiers. from Private to Captains. ordinances know no rank. Following regulations are of import for the sustenance of the organisational construction and day-to-day operations.

Organizational Design

There are several organisational designs that best suit the United States Army’s demands and back up its organisational construction. Just one would non do to help the U. S Army market its subdivision of service and advance the value of its organisation. Stating the obvious. the U. S Army was born in the United States. yet has bases worldwide. After wars fought in a figure of different states. the U. S Army has made it a point to go on demoing its presence by set uping bases in states such as Germany. Korea. Japan. Afghanistan. and Iraq. giving the United States a geographical advantage.

The merchandise it provides consist of client based dealingss ; back uping and supporting the citizens of our state. Army bases abroad study to their Regional Commands depending on the portion of the universe they are based. This construction continues to let generals abroad to command its bases yet still must describe to the higher echelon in Washington D. C. The fact to retrieve is. the United States Army is an organisation that does non sell stuff merchandises. but creates soldiers out of work forces and adult females to go on contending. supporting. and continuing our land of the free and place of the brave.


After 239 old ages functioning our state. the United States Army has long proved to Americans that it is a force to be reckoned with. The construction used today has allowed the armed forces to command. enforce. and withstand all others when threatened. Throughout the old ages all other subdivisions of service evolved to make a squad that no other state on Earth can fit. With all these organisations united. it is dubious that the United States of America will go on to govern as the superior force on Earth and will stay that manner for all clip.


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