This year, 2006, the 1st formers went Plas Menai in Wales, from September the 11th to 13th of September, to learn different types of activities such as sailing ,canoeing ,rock climbing ,power boating and wind surfing. The teachers that came with us were Mrs Cooke, Mr Cassidy, Miss Batey and Mr Philips.

The journey to Plas Menai was long and boring, two and a half hours, we had set up at quarter to eight and arrived at approximately 10:30.we given keys for the houses or the hotels. If you were selected for the houses you would be sharing it with two other people but if you were picked for the hotel you would be sharing it with only one person .

The first activity we did was power boating. We were allowed to ride the boat one at a time but it was quicker since we split into five different groups for each activity plus they had lots of boats.

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The second activity we did was canoeing. We had to row to a place called Sandy Bay to look for shells and crabs. We then rowed to the centre of the river and jumped in but we were safe since we had a rope tied to us.

On windsurfing we had to balance on a surfing board whilst on water and I guarantee that everyone fell of the board at least once.

Sailing was great. All of us, one at a time, were allowed to steer the boat and also the boat could nearly tilt ninety degrees but don’t worry it was made to do that, it won’t capsize.

For rock climbing we entered a room full of things to climb so we put on our gear and started to climb from the basic wall to the hard ones.

After we did our activities we were allowed to play on the arcade machines, pool and the ring game until dinner, which was free. Dinner wasn’t great but at least we could get hot chocolate. We had two activities for each day. Between them we have lunch, which was sandwiches, crisps, drinks and biscuits. Breakfast was at 8:00AM, if we did not wake up we would miss it.

On the first day, at eight O’clock, we had a treasure hunt quiz, we had to be the first one’s back with the answers but we could only find them by looking around Plas Menai .The second day we had an egg drop and like before we made our own team. We had to put materials around it so when we drop it won’t crack plus we had to make a song and dance with it.

The gear we wore for the activities, different each time, were swimsuits, buoyancy aids, wet coats and waterproof overalls so you know we were safe.

On the day we were leaving, 13th September, 1LB and 1UA were arriving. But altogether it was a great trip and I hope I go again.


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