Our motto is to develop such an iconic brand strategy for our product to increase its popularity to such an extent that people all over the world would recognize it and of course tend to buy it instantly. The main idea of the product is to use the Nano technology in the daily used clothes and enable the user of the dress to set the temperature according to his desire by using temperature setting feature of the application available on Google Play Store and Apple Store , launched by our company ‘Nanotech Outfits’.



Apart from making money, our purpose is doing good to the people by keeping them away from getting worried about their outfits due to the unexpected weather changing. Our business concept supports this motive by providing a vast collection of comfortable, attractive and sustainable shirts that can provide the user desirable temperature at the reasonable cost.

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We have intended to keep our brand platform consistent, and invoke the uniformity in our messages and visions. In our social media platform, we will focus on the continuity and seamlessness of our brand and the images from our company. We will promote the consistency in everything related to our Brand strategy starting from the voice we speak to the colour scheme we will use, in order to build the brand recognition and which in return increase the customer’s loyalty.






3.5 Online representation or presence


We are strongly committed to provide a regular assistance to our customer using online platforms. We will ensure our employee’s presence on Live Chat room where customers can get any help by asking their questions to them and expecting the answers frequently. Apart from this, we will take the customer’s call on week days and working hours so that people who do not know how to write can also be helped through the phone call. We will keep our social media accounts up to date with the stock information. Besides this, the detailed guideline of using our application and product precautions will be displayed in the form of videos and articles on the social media accounts and YouTube.


3.6 Content and engagement strategy


Content and engagement strategy means developing the content of our application or website which helps us to keep our customer engaged.

For our app, we will only create the exact necessary content which will add value to our customers and remove unnecessary text promises which will not add value. We will try to create personalized content for specific customer. Suppose based on the customer regular settings we can suggest the temperature that normally he/she used and also based on weather predictions we can suggest temperature options and also in futures we shall add more features.


3.7 Digital channel acquisition communications strategy


Search engine marketing

Our web shop is developed in Magento platform . Magento enables  the highest ranking in search engine. It maintained all the standards for Search engine marketing. Magento is one of the most search engine friendly eCommerce platforms straight out of the box.Joost de Valk.( February, 2017)


Display advertising

Nowadays people are really like to do shopping online therefore they search online products. Largely, our marketing investment is for display advertising. For Netherlands we will also use MarktPlaats for advertising as stated by Stir and internal data Marktplaats.nl.(June 2009).every month approximately 6.6 million of people visit the MarktPlaats.


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