Six elements of fiction: secret plan. character. scene. point of position. voice and manner. and subject. “The subject of a narrative abstracts its significance from the concrete inside informations of its secret plan. point of position. word picture. scene. and style” “Theme is a generalisation about the significance of a narrative. It is more than the topic of the story… [ and ] is besides different from the secret plan. …Theme comes last in a treatment of the elements of fiction because it is the effect of all the other elements in a narrative. The construction and subject of a narrative are fused like the organic structure and psyche of a reader… . Though the sum-up of a writer’s subject is no replacement for the narrative in its entireness. your effort to province it can assist you to understand the narrative better” Compare and contrast two of the four short narratives listed below.

Get down your treatment of each narrative by saying what you think its subject is. and so depict how the other five elements identified by your editors contribute to jointing the subject. Use as many of the other five elements as you think are relevant in lending to the subject ; some elements will be more of import than others. and one or two may non be relevant. depending upon your pick of narratives. For illustration. point of position may be ‘neutral’ or non-judgmental. and voice ( of the narrator/author ) or manner may besides non be peculiarly relevant.

Do non merely declaim how each component. by itself. is present in the narrative. Your treatment of the elements should be integrated and you don’t needfully have to place the elements by name—e. g. . you can mention to what happens in a narrative without naming it the secret plan or sum uping the secret plan. and you can mention to a character’s trait or personality without building a full profile of the character. The same can be said for point of position. particularly where it is in the 3rd individual and non all-knowing. Reason your essay by pulling whatever analogues or contrasts you see between the two narratives you have chosen.

You should fix by doing an lineation of the points you wish to do sing the manner each component contributes to a short narrative and so work from that lineation. Be careful non to falsify or overemphasise either story’s subject or any of its single elements for the interest of pulling analogues or stressing differences between the two narratives. Before ou finalise your essay. compose a subject sentence lineation of it and attach the lineation to the paper. Your essay should be at least three pages. but merely so long as is necessary to state what you have to state.

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