Over the Hedge is an alive movie about the troubles small harmless animate beings experience when adult male encroaches on their home ground ( Fry. 2006 ) . The movie starts with the terminal of winter and the animate beings in the wood are coming out of hibernation. A overactive and arch raccoon named RJ eatages on the debris nutrient of the bear ; he escapes alive with the promise of returning all of the bear’s nutrient within a hebdomad. On the other side. a household of cunning small animate beings awakens with a green wall in the center of their forest and all of a sudden fears what lies beyond the hedge.

Verve the turtle ventures over the hedge to happen out what was on the other side ; nevertheless he was subjected to the fierce human machines like the lawn mower. grass sprinkler. motorcycles and etc. He returns to the wood and warns that no 1 should of all time venture over the hedge as it is unsafe. The group of animate beings nevertheless had another job. they had no nutrient. Then here comes. the rascal raccoon RJ and convinces the group that humans throw out their nutrient every clip and all they needed to make was travel out at that place and garner it.

Verve disagreed and warned them against the thought. but as nutrient became scarce Verve eventually agreed with RJ. RJ on the other manus was truly believing of how the group could assist him garner the nutrient he owed the bear and here the struggle started. The remainder of the movie tells about friendly relationship. trust. honestness and love of household. The movie does this efficaciously within the context of man’s environmental duty to be stewards of Mother Nature. The secret plan of the narrative was really really simple nevertheless. since the characters were cunning. furry. amusing and endearing animate beings. the movie held much involvement.

The visuals were really good ; it was clear. chip and really alive. Although one would detect that it was non created in the traditional manner. in fact the movie’s life were all computing machine generated. from the pulling to the cinematography. The sound was in the standard Dolby format. and it was clear and loud. nevertheless some of the characters duologues were tweaked to resemble that of the animate being. sometimes the duologue got lost in the manner it was pronounced but one could still understand the effect of the sentence.

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I particularly liked the three babe possums because they were truly cunning. and they were really amusing. They had this manner of stating things in chorus and so either rebuting or back uping each other and their ideas resembled the candor of kids. The color of the colourss and images truly fed my involvement in the movie. nevertheless I was lost in the belch of the squirrel and the flatus of the rotter. possibly the manager thought it would add to the comedic component of the movie. but it did non experience that manner to me.

The movie negotiations about the importance of life well with our carnal friends. and it shows a really existent illustration of how adult male react to animate beings when they start occupying our places and community. The movie nevertheless had the ability to do us recognize that adult male had been the first to occupy the animals’ place and since they get their nutrient from their ecosystem. man’s invasion of their home ground besides affects their being ( Peabody. 2006 ) . The movie is far from serious and deadening. it is amusing. entertaining and honest. and viciously honorable I must state.

The movie really appealed to my sense of justness and equality knowing that adult male and animal should populate together in the best possible manner. Although. the movie was targeted for kids of all ages. some of the duologues were audacious and petroleum. therefore the movie landed in the PG evaluation. but all the same it contains the indispensable elements of a good narrative. interesting characters. first-class life and great histrions and this held my involvement in the movie until its terminal.


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