Yes! After months of hanging about we have only got 10 oh I’ve just been told the nine minuet countdown, it’s amazing my hearts really pumping I can see my fellow soldiers, friends, brothers all around me, a couple really wishing they hadn’t enlisted in the army.

The sergeants walking up and down behind us waiting to give the call, a friend of mine that I’ve been really close to in the past few weeks has just popped up beside me chattering on about how many Germans he’s going it get, “seven minuets” “you hear that only seven more minuets” yeh course I heard it, I don’t see why we cant just go, the odd minuets just giving them time to prepare for us.

The commanding officer is continually asking me if I’m ok, I can’t work out why; I’m no different to anyone else here. There’s no time to worry about silly things now the one minuet preparation phase is initiating, silence hit the trench like mustard gas rolling through, within a split second you could see a tear in the eyes of your friends.

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The suspense was painful, people are a bag of nerves, people being sick, people taking a look a pictures of loved ones…little do the know it will almost certainly be their last.

I hear a whistle…it must be time to,


“I wonder how my lads doing back in France fighting all them German troops, our boy’s a right little fighter all he wanted to do is be a proper army man. It’s a shame he hasn’t got time to write, most be working hard as usual”

Oh my god. It’s a death trap. Having to WALK towards their machine guns. For them its just target practice although they could do with some more they can hit the broad side of a barn door its just zip zip must be inches from blowing me away.

BANG! It’s everywhere; I chucked myself into a creator caused by our artillery bombarding their lines. I took the chance to look around my friend; brothers in arms that I have been living with are being picked off by the German artillery right before my eyes.

An hour has passed since the raid; I managed to scuttle back to our lines, I kept my head down I already had a demonstration of how good their snipers are when we were on a watch and the sniper picked jimmy out when he peered into no mans land.


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