I hopped out f my bed and changed into the clothes Anastasia laid out for me, and finished my meal in a hurry, today was going to be a big day, can show off my new phone 5 and newly manicured nails. Rushed down the stairs as fast ads I could In my heeled shoes. I walked to the kitchen and picked up my phone, 16 messages that I will not be replying to. I put In my code the (the birthday to my bottled Dan) and wrote him a cheesy good morning message, I put my phone in my bag and left for school.

When I arrived, my two best friends Brittany and Tara were standing at the gate waiting for me. Cached In my bag for my phone to pull out and show them. “OMG! ” they both exclaimed. “l know right” I tried to put the same amount of enthusiasm In as they had used, It seemed to work. “How do you have it, it doesn’t get released until next month? ” They asked me curiously. “Daddy cashed In one of his favors for me” said proudly. They both looked at each other amazed. I turned away as thought I could hear my name being called, it was.

Marled Armed came hobbling up to me in her scabby clothing that clearly hadn’t been washed In a few weeks and If It wasn’t the food stains on her hire that gave it away it was the smell. It was like she had been locked in a dumpster for a year, I turned to Tara and whispered into her ear just loud enough so Marled could hear me, ‘Where’s Tiger, cause all I smell Is Pooh? ” We both laughed uncontrollably and walked straight past Marled, bumping into her shoulder on the way. After we had walked about two meters the bell blasted Its patronizing Jingle right above me, so we all had to turn around and head to our class.

As we walked back past Marled I noticed she was crying the two girls looked at me like they were lull of regret, I began laughing so they wouldn’t feel so bad and they joined In. When I got to the class walked to the back of the science lab and sat next to Dan who saved a seat for me. I pulled out my phone and messaged my best friend Alex, she doesn’t go to my school but we’ve been friends since birth and she lives on my street. I turned around and spoke to Brittany and Tara about the sales going on downtown.

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When I turned back looked to Dan and he had a really disappointed look on his face, I just shook it off and went back to talking to my friends. The day went past pretty quickly and I had organizes to go out shopping with Brittany and Tara. We got to the mall and bought smoothies and sushi. I logged onto tumbler while we were sitting at the table. “um Tara, was looking at your tumbler and I saw you were rebelling so much depressing stuff, what do you want attention or something? ‘ I put an Intentional awkward laugh at the end so she would think I was kidding, all she responded with was a quick glance at irritant.

Whatever’ I thought to myself. I looked hen I saw this one girl I noticed had self-harmed on her wrists, “l don’t see why people do that, life can’t be THAT hard” I whispered to myself. ‘BEEP BEEP’, I looked at the screen and there was a message from Dan it said ‘l know your cheating, we’re over’ My Jaw dropped, I feel horrible that he didn’t find out from me. I picked up my bag and began to walk away tears started rushing out of my eyes, as I wiped them away I could see the runny black mascara on my fingers, so much for it being waterproof.

I could hear them calling after me but I continued walking. Adamant, I suddenly remembered, I left my phone on the table back there. As I swung around, I almost got knocked to the ground it was like I had walked straight into a concrete wall. I looked up and Brittany was standing there with her hand out, she was looking at the ground, I followed where her eyes were looking and lying on the ground was my Phone, the screen smashed into a hundred pieces. My sadness immediately turned into rage, “BRITTANY THAT IS IT!

I have put up with you for too long and now you go and drop my phone on the ground, Jealous much? Come on Tara we’re leaving this dweeb, save your tears for someone who cares. ” She Just stood there with her arm around Brittany they both looked at me horrified, they both turned and walked away. I sat down on the bench and bawled my eyes out, not even caring how I looked. I suddenly felt a pat on the back I looked up and it was Marled sitting next to my with a sympathetic look on her face. I gave her a look as to say Why are you helping me?


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