I. Identify the job

Overpopulation is a by and large unwanted status where an organism’s Numberss exceed the transporting capacity of its home ground. Overpopulation can ensue from an addition in births. a diminution in mortality rates. an addition in in-migration. or an unsustainable biome and depletion of resources. ( Wikipedia )

II. Why is it a job?

It’s a job because the people are enduring and forced to populate in the streets. There’s excessively many of us and the Philippines is merely little so it couldn’t afford to transport all of us. We are already running out of infinite and the every individual twenty-four hours a kid is born. Harmonizing to Mads Nissen who’s a lensman “The Capital of the Philippines which is Manila is one of the largest and most dumbly populated metropoliss in the universe. ”

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III. Who are affected?

The Filipino people are affected. We are the 1s populating here and we sing it every twenty-four hours. We feel the consequence of holding excessively many citizens and the authorities is holding a trouble reacting to all the jobs of its people. Some say that the Philippines is merely mismanaged but we shouldn’t fault all of it to the authorities. This is the ground why RH Bill was proposed in the first topographic point and is now a jurisprudence. This is the mere ground why they created this jurisprudence which is a possible declaration to overpopulation.

IV. What are the societal factors inciting the happening of the societal job? First. is the presence of poorness. Equally long as the people are hapless they aren’t that busy and they don’t think of household planning any longer. They tend to believe that even though their hapless at least they are happy. They don’t think of the life their kids would hold one time they enter this universe. Second is the deficiency of instruction. Since the people are hapless they can’t afford good instruction. These people don’t understand the consequence of the state of affairs. Their ignorance adds up to construct overpopulation. Last. is the rapid addition of unemployment. If the people are uneducated they won’t have occupations. Most of them stay at place and do things without preventives because they would non desire to blow their money for that. They would utilize their money to fulfill their basic demands first. V. What are the effects of the job?

The environment is ruined for people build edifices like condo’s. Besides the condemnable rate is increasing every bit good. Peoples are making incorrect things to last. Societal pandemonium occurs frequently among the people because of the assorted penchants people have. The urban countries lost its quality. It’s polluted and soiled because of all the people. Traffic is besides an consequence of overpopulation. Many people equal to many autos so traffic happens.


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