Immigrants’ lives become really hard when they move to a new state. They are frequently discriminated against due to their race and/ or nationality. This job occurs many times throughout Dragonwings. a book by Laurence Yep. In his book. the Chinese characters who immigrate to America face many challenges in their new lives. They are thought of as inferior. have to digest many adversities. and go alone due to the fact that they must go forth the bulk of their households in China. In this book. the immigrants face multiple troubles and challenges in the new universe they know as the Land of the Golden Mountain.

One challenge that the immigrants face in this narrative is that they are thought of as inferior by Americans. or “demons” as they have begun to mention to them. Devils are non accepting of differences ; hence the Chinese are looked down upon. and don’t acquire equal rights and privileges. For illustration. Moon Shadow’s grandma tells him that his male parent traveled to America to work as a washerman before he was born. She tells Moon Shadow that gold. in the Land of the Golden Mountain. is everyplace and work forces can lift out it up by the bucket-full.

When he asks why his male parent does non acquire plenty gold to return place. his grandma answers. “Demons roam the mountain up and down and they beat up any of our work forces who try to acquire the gold” ( 6 ) . She mentions that they are allowed to take merely a little pinch of it. and merely if they do all of the difficult. grueling labour that they are told to make. This quotation mark proves that Chinese ( Tang ) people are belittled. They are forced to work like slaves. Good-paying occupations are really hard for them to happen. They must besides be careful when taking them. Moon Shadow provinces. “There was plentifulness of money to be made among the devils. but it was besides dangerous” ( 1 ) .

This states that though there are many occupation chances in America. the lives of Chinese people are sometimes put at hazard. This would about surely non hold been the instance if an American were to hold the same occupation. This demonstrates the bias which exists against Tang work forces. The book besides mentions that Americans frequently assume Chinese people are avaricious. that they are after Americans’ money. This fact is proven when Windrider stops to assist a adult male. Mr. Alger. repair his auto. After he mends the car. Mr. Alger automatically pulls money out of his pocket to tip him.

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Windrider says modestly. “‘ No tip. merely happy to look at horseless’” ( 57 ) . Mr. Alger assumes that Windrider merely stops to assist because he wants money. Moon Shadow goes on to state that “the devil stopped and studied Father as you might look at a Canis familiaris that had all of a sudden said he was traveling to the opera” ( 57 ) . This demonstrates Moon Shadows cognition that white people think Chinese can non perchance acquire high-paying occupations due to their deficiency of accomplishments or importance. These immigrants have to bear much racism and scrutiny–and the insecurity that goes with it–in their new fatherland.

Immigrants besides have to confront and populate in many harsh. new conditions. For illustration. they have to set up with stereotypes and narratives about them. This is proven when Moon Shadow is going by ship to America to run into his male parent for the really first clip. Moon Shadow is told a narrative “about how the [ Tang work forces ] had slept inverted on top of their caputs with knives between their dentitions. and so on” ( 11 ) . This shows that the white people are really barbarous to the Chinese. even if the narrative stretches the truth. To do up a narrative of this violent nature means that it is non far beyond them to make it.

Americans besides force the Chinese immigrants to populate with the changeless menace of force. On one juncture. they go out with the purpose of aching the Chinese. merely for the pleasance of it. Black Dog. a relation of Moon Shadow. provinces. “‘The devils are all acquiring rummy and acquiring ready for crushing up Tang work forces. The word is to remain inside’” ( 29 ) . This farther shows that the Chinese must confront force. a new component. in their mundane lives. Last. they must digest rough conditions when geting in America for the first clip. traveling through in-migration.

This is a really long. agonizing procedure. Moon Shadow explains. “The devils kept us locked inside a long. two-story warehouse for a hebdomad before it was our bend to be questioned” ( 11 ) . This illustrates the fact that life is barely endurable for them in the Land of the Golden Mountain. Thingss are really hard. particularly because of the manner they are treated. The last and one of the most intolerable elements of all for immigrants is loneliness. Families are separated. Moon Shadow’s male parent leaves his married woman. female parent. and unborn boy in China when he goes to populate in America.

He leaves with the outlook that he will be able to see his household in about five old ages. as most can. Moon Shadow notes. nevertheless. “though there were longer separations. as with Mother and Father” ( 3 ) . This proves that households can be forced to digest long periods of clip without seeing each other. As one might conceive of. they become really lonely. Besides. they frequently miss the visual aspect of the luxuriant architecture and colour used on edifices in China. San Francisco looks really dreary to them in comparing. Moon Shadow thinks. “Walking up the street. I about lost bosom.

To me. the wooden houses seemed like shells of wood which awful monsters had spun about themselves” ( 18 ) . Since he is non used to the box like American places. they seem rather foreign and even intimidating to him. He misses the acquaintance of his place. Moon Shadow besides shows marks of solitariness when he says. ” I did non travel to school during the daylight like devil kids because the devils would non let me to travel to any of their schools merely a few blocks away” ( 50 ) . He does non hold any Chinese friends to play with. and he does no acquire much contact with white kids.

It is apparent to see that Moon Shadow and his relations face much solitariness in their mundane lives in America. The characters in this book have really hard lives in their new “home. ” America. They are burdened with many challenges and adversities. Because of this. their lives in America can non be unworried and happy. Alternatively they are filled with sorrow. hurting. and examination. They must digest the racism and cruel stereotypes that are targeted at them by Americans. They must work excess difficult to happen and maintain good occupations. It becomes apparent that their lives so far off from place are hardly bearable.


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