Otherwise by email appointment Parakeets Stamps (Vivian) Sir Richard Morris Building: Room BE Email P. [email protected] AC. UK TAB Tutor 3: Dry Maharajah Begum Sir Richard Morris Building: Room BE Email M. [email protected] AC. UK Semester 2 Tutorials: Tutors: TAB (Scheduled for individual groups) Transferable Skills This module gives you the opportunity to develop skills that have very considerable value for both research and employment. These include: Note-taking and analysis of papers Working in teams using English language (oral and written) Making oral presentations Formulating proposals for new research.

Reviewing published literature by constructive synthesis Overview of Lectures and Tutorials The module consists of lectures and tutorials, plus an assessed oral coursework presentation in week 1 of semester 2. One lecture will give advice on assessed coursework assignments. Lectures The lectures will be used to introduce you to literature review skills, literature search and the dangers of plagiarism. They will also introduce the tutorial tasks, provide general feedback on presentations and give ‘best practice’ examples of presentations.

You will be required to rely on your own notes and on the reading sets given out in class. No lecture notes or additional hand-outs will be provided (note-taking is part of the skills-acquisition process). Tutorials You will be given a variety of tasks on literature search and literature review that you will undertake individually and in small work-groups (3 or 4 workups per tutorial). These tasks will be based on three reading sets. Reading Sets 1 and 2 will be used in semester 1 while a specialist reading set will be used in semester 2.

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The tutorial tasks will help with the coursework assignments. You must present the results of your group work in the tutorials. Feedback on presentations will be given by video online) and verbally. You must submit non-presented tutorial tasks for group-work assessment. Semesters 1 and 2, reading sets 1 and 2: these reading sets will be given out in lecture 1 . The tasks assigned to these reading sets are intended to give you general training in literature review skills. Semester 2, specialist reading sets: These reading sets introduce you to essential material for your summer research training.

You will be asked to indicate your preferred specialist topic and you will be assigned to both a topic and its associated summer research training group early in semester 2. We will try to assign you to the topic you most prefer but this may not always be possible. The summer research training is by Research Practice Seminars (RPR for specialist Ms) or Assessed Research Practice (ARP for generalist Ms). English Language Classes All speakers of non-native English with an LILTS score (or equivalent) of less than 7. 5 must attend 15 hours of compulsory English language classes (the schedule is available on the Learn Server).

These classes use the module material as a basis for language work. Module Structure This is a module with an emphasis is on active learning, or ‘learning-by-doing. Lecture and Tutorial Overview Lectures Lectures 1 to 4: Overview; introduction to literature review skills. Critical analysis and constructive synthesis: bullet-point summary; spider diagrams annotated bibliography. Lectures 5 and 6: Library facilities and databases for literature search, use of databases, plagiarism and how to avoid it (Librarian). Lecture 7: diagrams, constructive synthesis, bullet point summary.

Lecture 8: Spider Plagiarism Lecture 9: Critical constructive synthesis: outline literature review. Lecture 10: Research proposals. Lecture 11: Lecture 12: Lecture 13: Feedback on tutorial presentations. Advice on assessed coursework. Tutorials 1 to 2: Presentations on assigned tasks for Set 1. Tutorials 3 to 4: Presentations on assigned tasks for Set 2. Tutorials Each work-group will meet for about 80 minutes immediately before each tutorial, in order to prepare the presentation, with a further 80 minutes allowed for the presentations. N.B.. You must allow extra time for reading and analysis beforehand.

Before the preparation sessions: Each person must read all of the assigned material Each work-group must decide how to allocate work to individuals Individual/group tasks must be completed. During the preparation sessions Each work-group must submit a non-presented task Each work-group will prepare their assigned. Tutorials 5, 6 and 7: Group presentations and feedback on assigned tasks for the Specialist Reading Set. There will be no scheduled preparation time for the special reading set tutorials in semester 2, so it will be the responsibility of each workup to organism their tutorial preparation.

Reading List There is no textbook for this module. The reading sets will be distributed in class. Assigned Tasks The tutorial tasks cover compulsory reading sets (Sets 1 and 2) in semester 1 and a hospice of specialist reading set in semester 2 (topics to be announced). Reading Set 1 : Ratings, Rankings and Academic Degree Programmer Reading Set 2: Ethics in Financial Markets Specialist Reading Sets: Various Topics in Banking, Economics and Finance You will undertake the tasks in small work-groups. In addition, you will present the results of your group work in class.

Each of you must present the work of your group on at least one occasion. Tutorial attendance and presentations are all compulsory but are not assessed for a mark. A mark (5%) will be awarded for the group tasks that must be submitted without oral presentation. Please note: you will not be given feedback on work submitted for the group mark. If you contribute strongly to tutorials you will find it easier to complete the assessed coursework assignments and you will see strong benefits during your research training in the summer.

Tasks for Set 1 (The articles for this set will be distributed in lectures) Every student must undertake ALL tasks 1: Read all the articles and summaries them. 2: Present a ‘bullet-point summary of assigned articles. 3. Write a brief annotated 4: Use a ‘spider’ to present a summary of the themes arising from the articles. 5: Use he articles in Set 1 to suggest and Justify a new empirical investigation that would increase your understanding of the effects of student ratings on any aspect of the behavior of academics or academic institutions. Tasks for Set 2 2: Create a ‘spider’ that shows the thematic links between the articles. . Use the Catalogue Plus search facility at the Library to find 3 papers that are closely related both to each other and to those in Set 2. Explain how you performed your database search and why you selected these papers in particular. 4. Construct an outline literature review of all the articles in Set 2. You are NOT allowed use a spider in your presentation. Use the guidelines presented in lectures. 5: Use the articles in Set 2 to suggest and Justify a new empirical investigation that would increase your understanding of any issue concerning ethical standards in financial markets.

Task Presentation Schedule set 1 The presentations are one per week for each work group, in the order given. Each presentation must be completed within 12 minutes. Order Tutorial 1: Task to be submitted (limit 500 words) Tutorial 2: Task to be submitted All Individuals: Task 1 All Groups: Task 3 All Groups: Task 5 Tutorial 1: Presentation Tutorial 2: Presentation Group 1, Task 2 (articles TAB) Group 4, Task 4 (all articles) 2 Group 2, Task 2 (articles TAB) Group 3, Task 4 (all articles) 3 Group 3, Task 2 (articles TAB) Group 2, Task 4 (all articles) 4 Group 1, Task 4 (all articles) set 2 presentation must be completed within 12 minutes.

Order Tutorial 3: Task to be submitted Tutorial 4: Task to be submitted Groups 3&4: Task 4 Groups 1&2: Task 3 Tutorial 3: Presentation Tutorial 4: Presentation Group 3, Task 3 Group 2, Task 5 Group 4, Task 3 Group 1, Task 5 Group 1, Task 4 Group 4, Task 5 Group 2, Task 4 Group 3, Task 5 Remember KISS! (Keep It Simple, Stupid! ) Remember GIG! : (Garbage In, Garbage Out! ) You will gain nothing from these tasks if you put no effort into them. Specialist Reading Sets The articles will be available in the library except where otherwise indicated.

Allocations to tutorial and work groups will be made at the beginning of semester 2. The Specialist Reading Set provides introductory material for the summer RPR/ARP. You will be assigned to the RPR/ARP in the topic of your specialist reading set. Tasks 1. Read the articles and summaries them. 2. Literature search: use an online database at the Library to find 5 articles that are loosely related both to each other and to those in your Specialist Reading Set. Explain why you selected these papers and create an annotated bibliography. . Construct an outline literature review of the articles in your Specialist Reading Set and the articles you have found in your literature search. You are not allowed use a ‘spider’ in your presentation. The outline review should be constructed according to the guidelines presented in semester 1 . 4. Suggest and Justify a proposal for new research, based on a review of the papers in your specialist reading set and the articles you have found in your literature search.

Task Presentation Schedule for Specialist Reading Sets (This schedule is the same for all tutorial groups) The presentations are one per week for each work group, in the order given: Order Tutorial 5: Task to be submitted Tutorial 6: Task to be submitted All Groups: Task 2 Tutorial 5: Presentation Tutorial 6: Presentation Group 2 Task 3 Group 1 Task 4 Group 1 Task 3 Group 3 Task 4 Group 3 Task 3 Group 2 Task 4 Group 4 Task 3 Group 4 Task 4 Feedback Your tutor will give immediate feedback on your presentations during each tutorial.

The third tutorial will be used to give more general feedback and to develop any issues arising from your technical understanding of the reading. Remember KISS! : (Keep It Simple, Stupid! ) You will gain nothing from these tasks if you put no effort into them. Assessed Coursework Assignments and Examination one mark for group-work (5%) and one examination (50%). Individual Coursework 1 . A written report (limit of 500 words) on the aims and methods of literature review by constructive synthesis (5%).

This essay should (I) explain the general purpose of literature review in research and (it) review the methods by which a review is constructed (describe any techniques that help to organism the material). Any sources just be correctly cited and referenced. This assignment is to be submitted electronically on Learn and will be automatically tested for plagiarism by specialist software. 2. A written report (limit of 1000 words) on the aims, methods and results of a database literature search, using University library search facilities (10%).

Carry out a literature search at the library using Catalogue Plus on any topic in business, banking, finance or economics (excluding topics in Sets 1 and 2). Explain the general aims of literature search. Find 6 articles on your chosen topic. Describe in detail your search methods and explain why you used them. Explain what happened when you carried out the literature search. Explain the criteria you used to select and reject articles for review. Show the results of your literature search in an annotated bibliography.

Structure the annotation to be helpful: provide cross- references and very brief outline of methods and results, plus any other notes you think are important. The annotated bibliography is part of the word count and should not appear in a separate reference list. Any other source must be cited and referenced. A literature review is not required, but suitable notes will help you in assignment 2. 3. An oral presentation and discussion off proposal for new research in any area of banking, economics and finance (excluding topics in Sets 1 and 2) (10%). You will each make an oral presentation in Semester 2, week 1 .

You will have only 6 minutes to make your presentation, so you must be very well organized. You MAY use POP or visualizes slides (depending on facilities in the presentation room). You MAY NOT use computer presentations (egg Powering). (KISS! ) In this presentation you must follow guidelines given in lectures. These include: Introduce the topic of your research in the context of existing Literature State your research question and explain why it is important Explain briefly how you would investigate your research question. Use assignment 2 as the basis for your presentation.

To formulate a research question you must summaries and synthesis the themes, ideas and results that emerge from your literature search, looking for ‘gaps’ in the littérateur where further research is needed. In other words, make literature review notes to guide your oral presentation. You are not required to carry out any actual research and you do not need a deep understanding of research techniques that might be used in actual research. . A literature review by critical constructive synthesis (20%). Write a review of the literature given in your Specialist Reading Set (limit of 1000 words).

A literature review is a critical synthesis that describes and discusses themes in the literature within an integrating framework. Note: an article is not in itself itself a theme and a review is not a list of summaries of articles (KISS! ). Group Work A mark will be awarded covering all the group work submitted at the start of the be deemed not to have contributed to the group work and your mark will be reduced. Examination The examination at the end of semester 2 will last for three hours (weight of 50% of the total assessment). You will be given specially constructed research papers to read, paraphrase, synthesis and review.

These papers will be shorter versions of published papers, specially edited for content and length. Printed copies will be made available to you 24 hours before the examination. You may write notes on these printed copies and you MUST take these copies with you into the exam, where they will be collected as part of your exam answer. You may NOT take a prepared written literature review into the examination. Coursework Deadlines Assignment 1 : to be submitted electronically by 5. Pm on MONDAY 4th November 2013 through the Learn Server.


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