Oxygen is one of the most of import and abundant elements on Earth. About 46 per centum of the Earth’s crust is oxygen. It is colourless and odourless and makes up approximately 20. 95 per centum of the ambiance by volume. Oxygen exists in H2O as portion of H2O molecule. in the ambiance as a gas. in the Earth’s crust and in an tremendous assortment of stones and minerals. It can besides be released from the workss through photosynthesis. Furthermore it is really indispensable for life and is portion of about every biological molecule in our organic structures. Without it. human life merely could non be. Worlds can populate for hebdomads without H2O. and travel without nutrient for months. but without Oxygen. life could merely transport on for a affair of minutes.

Approximately 90 % of the body’s life energy is created by Oxygen. In fact. all maps of the organic structure are regulated by Oxygen. Our encephalons process one million millions of spots of information each second. thanks mostly to Oxygen. Other of import benefits are that Oxygen appears to dramatically assist nervous system response. promote encephalon map. alleviate mental weariness and reconstruct mental lucidity to optimum degrees. This is due to the electrical conduction of Oxygen. Furthermore. the human organic structure must hold O to change over fuel like the saccharides. fats. and proteins from our diet into heat. energy. and life. Through the procedure of metamorphosis. which is similar to burning. fuel and O are consumed. while heat and energy are generated.

When the organic structure is deprived of an equal O supply. even for a short period. assorted variety meats and procedures in the organic structure get down to endure damage from O lack. This status is known as “hypoxia” . It has been shown that any type of emphasis to the organic structure will convey oxygen lack. TOXIC STRESSES ( toxic environment ) . EMOTIONAL STRESS. PHYSICAL TRAUMA ( reduces circulation and the subsequent O supply ) and INFECTIONS are the four chief emphasiss in today’s modem society. Surprisingly. the hypoxia can do an person to a assortment of degenerative unwellnesss. such as. digestive upsets. over all bodily failing. musculus achings. depression. giddiness. crossness. weariness. memory loss. irrational behaviour. chronic ill will. circulation jobs. hapless digestion. acerb tummy. lowered unsusceptibility to olds. grippe. infection. bronchial jobs. tumours and sedimentation physique ups. bacterial. viral and parasitic infections. and even malignant neoplastic disease ( which is caused by the replacing of normal oxygen respiration of the body’s cells by an anaerobiotic cell ) .

By and large. inhaling extra sum of Oxygen is good to wellness. However. when O exists as triatomic molecule called ozone. O3. it so becomes rather destructive to stuffs and harmful to our lung tissue. During periods when there is an extra sum of ozone in the air. which is about more than 120 parts per million parts of air. it is normally suggested that older people and kids non prosecute in any terrible physical activity that would increase the deep inspiration of ozone. The main beginning of ozone in the lower ambiance is called “bad ozone” which is the photochemical devastation of N dioxide from autos. In contrast. the “good ozone” exists in the upper beds of the Earth’s atmosphere. It shields the surface of the Earth from UV radiation emitted by the Sun.

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As a consequence. Oxygen is so an of import key to good wellness. Torn Valentine. writer of “Medicine’s Missing Link” . says. “It would be interesting to compare the sum of Oxygen in a strong. healthy individual with the sum in a inveterate sick single. ”


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