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Decision-Making Process:

Decision-making it’s basically implementing actions that are chosen from successful turnovers. It requires both critical thinking and problem-solving. This decision-making process can be applied to any situation, it has simple steps :

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? First you have to identify the need for a decision 
? Second you must determine the goal or outcome the 
? Third steps to identify the alternatives or actions along with the benefits and consequences of each action then you must decide which action to implement lastly the
? Fourth step is to evaluate the action let’s put these into  application take the scenario.

Problem Solving In Decision-Making Process:

What many people do every day you’re either solving a problem for clients supporting those who are solving homes for discovering those moments to solve the problems you face can be large or small simple or complex and easy or difficult to solve regardless of the nature of the problem. 

 Four Basic Problem Solving Steps:

– Defining the problems.
– Generating alternatives.
– Evaluating and selecting the alternatives.
– Implementing the solutions.

Stages Of Problems Solving :

– Problem Identification.
– Structuring the problem.
– Looking for the possible solutions.
– Implementation.
– Monitering .

Four Stages of Simon’s decision making model:

Intelligence Phase:
This is the initial move towards the basic leadership process. In this progression the leader distinguishes/identifies the issue or opportunity. An issue in the administrative setting is distinguishing anything that isn’t as per the arrangement, run or standard. A case of issue is the location of sudden high weakening for the present month by a HR chief among laborers. Opportunity looking for then again is the ID of a promising condition that may prompt better outcomes. A case of distinguishing proof of chance is-an advertising administrator becomes acquainted with that two of his rivals will close down operations (request being steady) for reasons unknown in the following three months, this implies he will have the capacity to offer more in the market. 

In this way, we see that either on account of an issue or with the end goal of chance looking for the basic leadership process is started and the main stage is the reasonable comprehension of the jolt that triggers this procedure. So if an issue/opportunity triggers this procedure then the main stage manages the entire comprehension of the issue/opportunity. Insight period of basic leadership process includes

Design Phase:

Includes outlining and investigating different game-plans for the issue recognized in the insight stage. It suggests a specification of a mix of attainable choices and their assessment based on the criteria built up in the insight stage.

Choice Phase:

It is the phase in which the conceivable arrangements are contrasted against each other with discover the most reasonable arrangement. The ‘best’ arrangement might be distinguished utilizing quantitative instruments like choice tree investigation or subjective devices like the six reasoning caps strategy, drive field examination, and so forth. 

This isn’t as simple as it sounds in light of the fact that every arrangement displays a situation and the issue itself may have various destinations settling on the decision procedure an exceptionally troublesome one. Likewise vulnerability about the results and situations settle on the decision of a solitary arrangement troublesome.

Review or Implementation:

Includes outlining and breaking down different approaches for the issue recognized in the knowledge stage. It infers a count of a mix of attainable options and their assessment based on the criteria built up in the knowledge stage.

NutShell, every industry there will be occurrence of problems in so many stages.We have many approaches to solve those problems without causing loss to the organization.
In Making a good decision we need to think about the chances of getting the problems first.So both are Dependent to each of things. 


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