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The digital platform that I use the most is Instagram. By using this I am able to share memories and communicate with my friends and family through this type of social media. I first made an Instagram in the seventh grade. Before this, I didn’t really use social media very much. I had made a Facebook about a year earlier to talk to my friends and to stay in touch with some family members, but I never really used it very much, and only posted a few photos and albums. I started to see all of my friends and my older sister using Instagram and talking about their pictures, so I wanted to know what it was and how to make an account. 
Since almost all of my friends had made an Instagram account before me, and had been using them a while, they helped me set up mine. I made my Instagram account on the way home from school one day when I was with all of my friends. They showed me how to make an account name, post photos, and how to follow other people. After I followed people I was immediately able to see hundreds of pictures from all of my friend. This allowed me to be able to see how everyone wanted to express themselves through there accounts and what they posted.
I like being able to use Instagram because I am able to stay in touch with so many people, that I would not be able to without this or any other digital platform. Growing up I always went to camps in the summer. I got to meet so many people from all over the country and even some that lived in other countries around the world, and was able to become really close friends with them. Because of Instagram and other digital platforms, I have been able to stay in touch with these friends for many years. Instagram also helps me to keep up with my friends from high school who all went to different schools. Without social media I would not have been able to stay in contact with many of these people because the only other way to keep in touch with the people I don’t see everyday is through letters. Which take a lot longer to write and send since I would have to write a separate one for each person. Especially since everyone is now so busy with their school and jobs.
Keeping in touch with my family has also become a lot easier since getting an Instagram. My whole family lives all over the East Coast, so I am not able to see them more than a couple of times a year. With Instagram I am able to share things that are happening in me and my immediate families lives instantly with them, and I can see how everyone else is doing as well.
Another benefit that I have seen by using Instagram is that I can keep up with events. My high school and dance studio both had Instagram’s and would post important information about what was going on that day, or reminders about something that everyone needed to do. This helped me and my friends because we would not always be checking our emails or get the email notifications on our phones, but we could easily see the information when we where on Instagram. 
However, even though there are many benefits to having Instagram and social media there are also many negative impacts that Instagram can have. One of the main negative impacts that I have seen, especially when I first started using Instagram, is being distracted by it. I am not always good at organizing my time very well. Which usually causes be to procrastinate and end up rushing the day before to get everything done. Instagram has definitely  made this worse because it can distract me from my homework or studying, and  can become a very easy way for me to waste time. 
Instagram also can’t replace face to face conversations. Even though it is an easy way to see someone’s life, it is not the same as seeing the person everyday. It is also a lot more impersonal to talk to someone on social media than, talking to them in person about what is going on or even calling them. This is because you can’t hear the person’s voice on social media and it does not take as much time to write a message as it does to call someone or go see them in person.
Another negative part about Instagram is how people are always comparing themselves to everyone else. Today there are so many different apps that edit photos and can completely change the way people look. This can cause others to begin worrying too much about what they post and how people are going to react to them and like their accounts.
Overall, I believe that the use of Instagram and other online digital platforms are very beneficial. These platforms allow people to express themselves and stay in touch with people no matter where they are in the world. But I also believe that it cannot be used to replace talking to someone face to face and can cause people to become distracted from things happening around them.


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