The worst day of my life was when I lost my thumb it was very painful I was emotionally scared and I cant play video games like normal people. I lost my thumb when I was only a few years old and it hurt a lot. It got taken off in a bike chain. Thats how I lost my thumb. Im not able to play video games like normal people play. My thumb is always sliding off the buttons. It always hard to keep up when playing video games with my friends. Its really annoying to play. Im not as accurate when playing games.

I always die a lot in the games I play. Also I lose a lot when Im playing two player games. I cant move my thumb as fast as normal people. I end up in last often in games. I get problems holding things. That is what disadvantages I have when playing video games. When I lost my thumb it was very painful. My thumb was ripped off painfully in a bike chain. I think I should have sued the people that made the stupid bike. When it fell off it was just sitting there and that was bad.

When it got cut off it was gushing lots of blood. There was blood every where. When this happened the carpet was soaked in blood it was weird. Then they took me to the hospital and they stitched it up because they couldnt put it back on because it was cut into small pieces. They had to but a cast on to. It was different when they took it off because I didnt have a thumb and that was different. Thats what were some painful things about my thumb being ripped off. It emotionally sacred me for life. I was never the same.

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I couldnt hold a cup that easy. It made it hard to write. Ive always and forever be a freak. People call me a freak. Its really funny looking. Ill never be like the normal people. They laugh at my missing thumb. I cant always join into normal activities of normal people. Thats why I sacred for life forever. Thats why the worst day of my life was when I lost my thumb. It was bad because that was my most painful experience I have ever had. It sacred me emotionally forever. I can never be the same.

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