Paleolithic vs.. Neolithic The first scholars that existed named the whole period of human development the “Stone Age. ” The Stone Age is divided into three periods which are Paleolithic which meaner the old Greek age, Megalithic and Neolithic which is the new Greek age. The Paleolithic and Neolithic stone ages have many great differences and have changed greatly between the two periods. This has been the unmasking of the habits of all man including ones in modern day.

Primitive man traveled on all fours which mainly gathered nuts, berries, and small animals, because they were closer to the ground and easier to obtain. Their brows were further away from their faces so that gave them tunnel vision which only allowed them to see in the direction they were facing. Because of the fact the intellectual ability was too low many of the stubborn killed off with the inability to learn how to eat, drink, and avoid other attributes that would lead to their demise.

The ones that survived however led to flourish and eventually adapt until all of the species of man could fathom all the basic needs to live. Considering that the longer the group lived and thrived the more the group would repopulate, and if they repopulated they needed more food to sustain the and so they had to adapt to obtain more food or they would over populate. The evolution changed very relevant things that would help with the requirement of sustenance; this next step in human history is known as Megalithic or middle Stone Age.

They developed the technique to walk on two legs instead of all fours which also enabled the capability to travel longer distances and chase after fleeing prey. Another example of helping obtain sustenance would be that their brows receded so their hunting methods could become improved to see the animals that are being hunted. After a few years they learned how to use basic tools for round about Jobs, to help gather basic supplies. They also reached the point where they understood how to create fire and use it to cook.

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These early humans also developed agriculture base that not everyone wanted to accept because hunting and gathering was easier and less work. They also began to trap wild animals and get other resources from them. These boosts marked the next step in human history known as Neolithic era. Many advances in agriculture had allowed man to settle down and build permanent houses. With the advances in agriculture they had time to repopulate and increase heir bands to support larger communities.

They also had a lot of time to think since they no longer needed to hunt and waist a lot of time. A lot of early men were ignorant and they died, so the society advanced and it continued to live on after they all perished. They did not want to learn new things that would help their society continue to prosper, so they Just stuck with the “old ways”. Even with the ability to adapt and change to have what is better for survival. Man will have a hard time to change because they feel that life is easier doing the same thing all day, every day. By greasepaint’s


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