An article titled “The Palliative Care Needs of Ethnic Minority Patients: Staff Perspectives” discussed the alleviative attention staff’s perceptual experiences of multicultural attention proviso and explored the barriers and facilitators to culturally sensitive attention. This was a qualitative survey done with five alleviative attention nurses. The survey was conducted in the twenty-four hours care unit of a big alleviant attention installation of a university infirmary in cardinal England. The staff was asked to volunteer to take part in the survey. Those who were interviewed had extended experience working in alleviative attention for a figure of old ages. The information revealed several subjects that included staff doctrine of attention ; facilitators and barriers in the proviso of multicultural attention ; facets of attention ; positive perceptual experiences ; and alleviative attention complementing multicultural attention.

The research by Driver. Molassiotis. and Weeks ( 2003 ) clearly shows the grasp of differences between civilizations every bit good as staff acknowledging the single nature of patients’ demands. The staff was supportive of the doctrine of individualised and customized attention for each client. The staff besides verbalized a desire for culturally specific cognition to heighten their individualized attention.

Driver et Al. ( 2003 ) stated some of the staff members noted they had non received preparation in multicultural attention but they still felt really strongly that supplying individualised multicultural attention was cardinal to their nursing pattern. The staff besides appeared to value more instruction and preparation to heighten their specific cognition of different civilizations. Four of the staff members thought a mention booklet might be utile as a base of cognition.

All of the staff felt that linguistic communication barriers were an issue and utilizing household members as translators was badly advised. The staff related that cultural minority clients felt vulnerable to some grade and therefore were afraid to kick in instance it affected their quality of attention. Three participants felt that alleviative attention complemented multicultural attention in respects to open visiting hours and the big figure of household members frequently remaining with the patient. The staff besides expressed that the religious demands every bit good as the cultural and physical demands of the patient and household are easier to run into in alleviative attention than in regular infirmary attention because the staff has more clip to sit and talk with the patient ( Driver et al. 2003 ) .

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Driver et Al ( 2003 ) felt the decisions of the survey indicated the staff showed cultural consciousness and a deficiency of ethnocentrism. They besides felt the staff gave more acceptance to individualized attention and hence did non necessitate to utilize culturally specific cognition really frequently. It was besides noted that the installation had really small formal policy or counsel available to the staff for entree. The significance of this article is limited by its little sample size nevertheless. the findings do add to other plants available to back up evidence- based pattern ( Driver et al. 2003 ) .

I found this article to be really enlightening and educational in respects to palliative attention. cultural diverseness. and staff nurses. My country of experience presently is in place based hospice attention. As I read the article. I realized how much alike the people throughout the universe truly are. This article was written in 2003 and was based on a alleviative attention installation at a big university scene in England and yet the nurses responded to the interview inquiries in much the same manner we. as hospice nurses. would react today. My staff and I really much hold on individualised and customized attention based on cultural diverseness. spiritualty. household kineticss. and terminal of life attention. We plan our attention with the patient at the centre and so ruffle out to the household and extended household. widening the circle to include the health professionals. and medical staff. I plan to take this article to my office and show it as a one-hour self- survey in-service to the staff.


Diver. F. . Molassiotis. A. . & amp ; Weeks. L. ( 2003 ) . The alleviative attention demands of cultural minority patients: staff perspectives. International Journal of Palliative Nursing. 9 ( 8 ) . 343-351.


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