Lines are double-spaced. When the entry is longer than one line, the second line is automatically indented. 1 OFF Checklist I The outline The introduction states the main topic or idea of the outline, and the conclusion summarizes it. Each sub-topic describes the main idea for a paragraph. Supporting information and details for a sub-topic are listed under the sub-topic, with each piece of information listed separately. When supporting information is listed under a sub-topic, there are at least two pieces of information listed.

If there is only one piece of information to support a sub-topic, the information is included in the sub-topic. ‘V. The paper The paper follows the organization of the outline. Each paragraph in the paper matches a sub-topic in the outline, and presents the information and details listed under the sub-topic. Each paragraph includes a topic sentence that summarizes the main idea of the paragraph. Every sentence begins with a capital letter. Every sentence ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark. All words are spelled correctly.

There are no missing words. V. Works cited Every source has a specific reference in the paper. Include only the sources that are mentioned in the paper. Each entry follows the correct format for the type of reference. Entries are listed in alphabetical order, according to the author’s last name. Tips for Writing Your Report I Create a schedule Identify the tasks you need to do. Arrange the tasks in the order you’ll need to do them. Estimate how long each task will take. Be sure to allow enough time for editing and making changes.

Identify the date the report is due, and then set a schedule showing what work you’ll need to do each day in order to have your report ready on time. VI. Add interest Use graphs and charts to illustrate an idea. Add a picture, photo, or drawing. Include a map. Find a quotation and use it to make your point. VI’. Make every word count Choose words your reader will understand. Remember that you want to communicate your ideas to the person reading your paper. Avoid clicks. Use a thesaurus to replace overused words and find new ways to express your ideas.

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