Counter illustrations are used throughout this drama. and is a cardinal function in the lampoon of the drama. On both male and female sides of the kineticss in the drama the first 1 is right from the start. “the streets are perfectly clogged with frenetic females slaming on tambourines. No pressing for an binge! ” ( 727 ) In the “Classical Age” of Athens upperclass adult females assumed the function of a homemaker. where their responsibilities were to either clean up the house or form the slaves of the house to make it for them. It was unheard of for adult females to be out in the streets like this period much less at dark. The adult females of Athens formed together to plot against the work forces to convey them place from the war. As the adult females were garnering to be after against the work forces. Lysistrata said. “I’m on fire right down to the bone. I’m positively ashamed to be a woman—a member of a sex which can’t even live up to male slanders! To hear our hubbies talk. we’re sly: deceitful. ever plotting. monsters of intrigue…” ( 728 ) this quotation mark makes me laugh. because while she is stating this her and multiple adult females are plotting a manner to acquire back at the work forces.

This quotation mark plays off the stereotype that a adult female is ever out to do a adult males life suffering in everything they do. but this is precisely the thing they are seeking to make. While the adult females are out in the streets they continue to demo how pathetic they are when they are kicking on how much they do for their work forces. This quotation mark by Kleonike is a premier illustration. “They’ll be here. You know a woman’s manner is difficult chiefly the manner out of the house: dither over husband. wake the amah up. set the babe down. bathe him. provender him…” ( 728 ) Kleonike goes on and on about how much work they have to make. but she mentions that she gets up the amah. which does the work for her. This quotation mark plays of the stereotype that adult females do a batch of house work. but in the drama they have amahs so evidently they are non making excessively much.

Counter illustrations are a immense portion of the lampoon that is within the drama. all of my old quotation marks had stereotypes in them. but they all counter themselves. Parody’s are still really popular today. for illustration the film Space Balls which is a lampoon of Star Wars. Space Balls makes merriment of everything that is taken really earnestly in Star Wars. which gives the film that comedy experience a lampoon comes with.

Throughout the drama. lampoon is seen in both the work forces and the adult females. The stereotype that work forces are strong and tough is presented towards the beginning of the drama at the Gatess of the exchequer. “Never been confronted with such sass. Can’t allow it. Person pick up a log and powderize that brass. ” ( 740 ) Immediately following this the work forces are easy silence by nil more than a clump of adult females transporting H2O. These unsmooth and tough work forces seen in the old quotation mark were defeated by nil more than H2O. “ [ Shivering. the CHORUS OF MEN retreats in arrant defeat… ] ” ( 742 )

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After the men’s licking they run off to the Commissioner. and he is sent place wadding after several efforts to “out man” Lysistrata. “Gross awkwardness. A regretful twenty-four hours for the Force. ” ( 745 ) This besides relates to a lampoon in our modern twenty-four hours times with our ain military. I here people complain about so many things our military does and stands for. yet the bulk of the people knocking are excessively afraid to fall in the military to get down with. So this “manly” stereotype applies to modern times every bit good. work forces are speedy to leap up to contend person. but do they travel through with it most of clip. no.

This speedy conflict besides shows how barbarous these Athenian adult females are. when adult females of the classical age were to merely be seen non heard. Womans were used as trophies most of the clip. to be seen merely and ne’er heard. In this quotation mark you get a typical stereotype of the adult females of this clip. “Glamor is our lone endowment. All we can make is sit. primped and painted made up and dressed up. ” ( 729 ) . Womans were ne’er known to be violent. but in this speedy conflict with the work forces and the commissioner we see how barbarous these adult females are. “INTO THE FRAY! Show them no clemency! Push! Jostle! Shove! Name them awful names! Don’t be lady like! ” ( 745 ) In no manner. signifier. or manner are these ladies being lady like in this scene. which is another perfect illustration of lampoon runs wild throughout this drama doing it out to be the comedy it was made to be.

All of these counter illustrations play favour to my prima statement which is the fact that the adult females in this drama usage lampoon the most through abstention by keep backing sex. This is the biggest lampoon of them all. This drama revolves around sex. but the whole end of the women’s tactics is to forbear from it. It’s easy to see with my following illustrations that this drama uses lampoon around every bend. The lampoon in this drama does non come without a type of antagonistic illustration of a stereotype that is either false or given throughout the drama. In this clip frame. adult females would hold ne’er been allowed to make this. If you can set your mentality in the classical age of Athens it’s easy to see how amusing and how much lampoon is really used.


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