Slam! The front door shuts. ‘Oh my God, I didn’t think we would ever get rid of them. ‘ Lisa says with a sigh of relief. ‘Get out my way, you little brat. ‘ She pushes past her brother with a rather content look on her face. ‘But you’re supposed to be looking after me’ Simon moans. ‘What are you going to do? Go tell mummy and daddy! ‘ Lisa laughs and runs up the stairs, leaving Simon in floods of tears in the hallway. Summer had begun; Lisa and Simon’s parents had gone away for the weekend leaving Lisa in charge of her little brother Simon.

But what they thought was going to be a nice relaxing break, is going to be the very opposite back at home. Up in Lisa’s bedroom, ‘yeah they just left,’ she tells her best friend Sheryl on the phone, ‘so when you coming over? ‘ ‘I’ll be over in ten’ she replies. ‘Alright see you soon,’ Lisa puts down the phone and jumps off her bed. She walks over to her desk and opens her diary, as she goes down the list of her friend’s numbers, she picks up the phone again and starts dialing.

‘Hi, I’m having a party tonight, it’s going to be great, can you come? Lisa asks. ‘Sure, thanks, I’d love to come. What time? ‘ says an excited voice on the phone. ‘Well, my parents are away for the weekend, so come at eight and leave whenever you want. ‘ Lisa replies. ‘Wow, it’s going to be great, see you tonight. ‘ Lisa puts the phone down and looks back down at her diary for another number. Her bedroom door opens widely and Simon walks in and said in a very angry voice, ‘Lisa, Mum and dad said, no parties! ‘ Lisa laughs. ‘When have I ever paid attention to what mum and dad said? ‘Your going to be in biggggg trouble when they find out,’ Simon said and walked out the bedroom, closing the door behind him, Lisa paying no attention to what he had just said.

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Meanwhile Lisa’s parents arrive at the hotel they are staying in, after a very long and tiring journey. They reach the reception desk, very excited to get to their room and go to sleep, when they hear a foreign voice approaching them. ‘Naem plezz,’ says a very mysterious looking man on the other side of the desk. ‘Jackson, Stuart Jackson,’ repeats Lisa’s dad.

The man looks at them both very strangely and then looks down at the computer. After a few minutes had passed, the man looks up and says, ‘I em vere sorre but yoe do not ave a reservation. ‘ He turns around and walks away. ‘Excuse me, excuse me,’ Mr. Jackson repeats. ‘Please, come back, excuse me. ‘ At this point both Mr. and Mrs. Jackson look at each other in the hope that each other will know what to do next. The man looks back and walks over to the desk.

‘Yyess,’ he says, ‘ Cen I help, yoe? ‘ Mr. Jackson stares at him with real anger in his eyes. Yes,’ he pauses ‘you must be mistaken, are there any rooms available for us? ‘ ‘No, the man replies sharply and as he turns around to walk off, Mr. Jackson exclaims ‘Well, will you direct us to the nearest lodge or hotel please. ‘ ‘I em sorre ser but tis iz de onle hotel forr miles. ‘ The man walks off into a room and shuts the door behind him. Back at home, Lisa and Sheryl are getting ready for the party. ‘The place looks fantastic. ‘ Sheryl said and Lisa agrees with a great big smile on her face. ‘Now all we have to do it get rid of my brother,’ Lisa said followed by a few giggles from Sheryl.

Lisa ran upstairs and knocked on her brother’s bedroom, no answer, she assumed he would be asleep; she got the key from her parent’s room and looked the door. ‘That will keep him quiet,’ Lisa said and the two girls went downstairs very happy with themselves. A few hours went by, and the party was going terrific. The music was pumping, there were loads of people there and everyone was dancing, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. The Jackson’s left the hotel, and were driving around looking for somewhere where they could stay.

They found a restaurant, which looked like an old fashioned diner on the corner of the road; it was the only open place they had seen in hours, so they decided to go in. They walked in, not knowing what to expect, took a look around and came to the conclusion that they didn’t really want to stay there too long. They ordered some coffee and sat down in a booth. The place looked like something out of the film Grease, neither of them said a word to each other, just quietly drank their coffee and minded their own business.

All of a sudden, a man in a cowboy hat and boots walked in, they looked each other, dropped some money and made a quick exit. They weren’t going to wait to see what happened next. They got in the car, and started to drive home. It was about midnight, and the party couldn’t have got any better, the phone began to ring and Lisa could here it in the background, but took no notice, she assumed it would be her parents checking up on her, she was right about that, but they were calling to tell her they were on their way home.

If only she had answered the phone. Upstairs, Simon was shouting and screaming his head off, knocking and banging on his bedroom door, but the music was so loud, nobody could hear him, except Lisa, who knew that he would become raucous soon enough, but she just carried on dancing and took no notice. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang, Lisa expecting it to be some more of her friends, was very surprised when it wasn’t. ‘Good evening miss, I’m police office Jenkins, and there have been some complaints of the noise level in the neighborhood.

Could you please just turn the music off, actually, parties over, it’s rather late, all you kids should be at home in bed. Cheers. ‘ Said the policeman. Lisa closed the door and turned around with great disappointment, preparing to tell her friends the party was over. That second, the doorbell rang again, Lisa hadn’t moved from her spot so leant out and opened the door. ‘I know, I know, the parties over,’ she said regretfully, thinking it was the policeman again. But as she looked up, she realized it wasn’t the policeman again but her, parents.

She stumbled back, as her father pushed past her. ‘WHAT IN THE NAME DO YOU CALL THIS? ‘ he screamed. ‘A party, father,’ Lisa mumbled. ‘EVERYBODY OUT… NOW’ he screamed again. Within two minutes, the whole house was cleared of people. Sheryl being the last person to leave, she reached the door, wished Lisa good luck ‘ Wait till they find your brother,’ she said and legged it down the drive. You could say Lisa was in a lot of trouble, and she was. It was going to be a very long summer.


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