Passion Paper BY Sunshiny How to Improve Hospitality in Vietnam Sunny Dang San Jose State University September 9, 2013 I am originally from Vietnam, where my parent’s own a small restaurant in Dad Lat city. I am currently enrolled in a BBS degree in Hospitality Management. This semester, I want to explore how to apply the successful policies and procedures of the hospitality industry in USA to Vietnam so that Vietnam can become a dominant force in global tourism industry. The essential principles of providing top- quality customer service can be applied not only to big resort hotels, but also to small assistants.

Thus this issue is not only of professional, but also of personal interest since I can apply my findings to expanding my family restaurant business via franchising. Vietnam is a developing country with a long shoreline and many tourist destinations. As such, it has a tremendous potential to grow its tourism and hospitality industry. My point of view is that it has the unique opportunity to learn from the developed nations, such as USA how they started and developed their hospitality industry, especially in the area of providing quality customer service.

I plan to explore ways in which customer service can be improved in Vietnam. With proper training and implementation, the restaurants and hotels in Vietnam can grow and become world-class tourist destinations. I believe studying this topic will help me immensely in my future career. I can learn ways to improve customer satisfaction, how to deal with customer feedback, how to provide value-added services and perks so that a hotel can stand out from its competitors and have a satisfied, repeat customer base.

By finding avenues to improve customer service, I Lana to grow my family business eventually into opening new tourist resorts. Drawing from my previous experience and knowledge base, there are few things I already know about this topic. In USA, hotel employees are given the freedom (and responsibility) to resolve customer issues on the spot, if they can. They do not have to ask for permission from their superiors, to say, change or upgrade the room. The employees are focused on making the customer happy. They know that a happy customer is a repeat customer.

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Employers, on the other hand, rely on customer dieback via direct interaction with the staff or via social networks such as Backbone, Yelp! , Traceability, etc. They pay special attention to answering the guest’s feedback even when it is negative. In USA, the hotels provide a lot of complimentary services such as free pickup and drop-off at nearby airports, free parking, free breakfast, etc. Similar is the case in restaurants. As soon as a customer enters the facility, he/she is greeted with a warm smile and is then led to the table.

During the meal, a discreet inquiry as to how the customer is enjoying the food is made. All these little touches add to a personal experience, making the customer feel at home. Also, many restaurants provide coupons and specials, making their offerings even more attractive. While studying and after graduating, I plan to work as an Intern In a ODL, reputable no e I Nils will allow me to gain practical experience Ana simultaneously learn the policies, systems and procedures off big hotel. I plan to explore, in details, the hotel management systems such as back office, reservation, and customer relationship management.

However, there is even more important lesson I have learned while working here is that in order to have repeat customers, the customers must be satisfied with the service, and to make customers happy, the employees themselves must be happy. To this end, I plan on asking relevant questions such as: how to solve guest complaints effectively, how to provide job satisfaction, what can employees do to overcome stress at work place, what is the best system hotels should use to manage guest reservation, check in and out, etc. So as to provide optimal service.


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