All values change over clip ; some are slower such as Cultural values that are learned behavior forms that can go on to alter thorough clip. The position for cultural values today are different from than what they were centuries ago ; in today’s position for a hero would be merely a normal individual in the modern epoch who is distinguished by aristocracy and passion towards others that goes out of he’s manner to assist a individual in demand or an act of some courage towards a community. In the heroic poem “Beowulf” the Anglo-Saxon’s cultural values are different from our ideas of a hero that are excessively perfect to be true for a simple adult male can possess. Culture values have changed and are different from ours and the eighth century from reflecting heroes and scoundrels.

Cultural values have changed for over centuries ago from when the Anglo-Saxons walked around and told their verse forms about heroes and monsters to our narratives of modern twenty-four hours heroes and scoundrels. In the heroic poem “Beowulf” they would tout in the triumphs of Beowulf and praise him for his baronial workss and murders of monsters that plague the land. The baronial Beowulf in the heroic poem was an illustration of a theoretical account of a perfect hero that had the traits of courage. strength. accomplishment. honestness. compassion and trueness. The heroes in our twenty-four hours and age are more sympathetic now than that of the Anglo-saxons in the yesteryear that revolve amongst their successes from their flawless traits. One illustration of a modern twenty-four hours super hero that is popular by our criterions is Spiderman and Batman. The grounds that they are widely more popular than any other superhero is that they possess defects like any other mean human. Superman or any other superhero don’t have to cover with simple human defects due to their out of this universe superheroes properties that have small human features.

Spiderman and Batman would be common people in the clip of Anglo-Saxon narratives of heroes such as Beowulf. but Superman would suit in as a hero with the narratives of Beowulf. story’s like how he killed “Nine…sea-huge monsters” ( 41 ) and he tears Grendel’s arm with his bare custodies. In the film “Beowulf and Grendel. ” Beowulf represents an mean hero with no god-like powers but with simple human traits like anyone else in the film. he is much more a credible character than the Beowulf in the heroic poem. The grounds that the heroic poem “Beowulf” is different than the film “Beowulf and Grendel” from each other ; the heroic poem is more entertaining than credible than the movie’s point of position towards Beowulf and Grendel.

In the Epic “Beowulf” Beowulf is a warrior from Geatland. considered an heroic poem hero with no defects founded on his God like organic structure where “Beowulf ruled in Geatland” ( 92 ) . He is a perfect hero in the eyes of the Anglo-Saxons self-praise in his superhuman strength and attributes that conquer Grendel. Grendel’s female parent and the firedrake with his sheer strength entirely. He did non care for the life of Grendel or seek to happen out why he and his female parent committed the slayings of the Danes but did what any hero would make and snuff out the darkness from the land without inquiry.

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The hero is the film “Beowulf and Grendel. ” Beowulf is an mean warrior from the state of Geatland and has no God like properties like in the heroic poem but flawed like any other human with a set of modern cultural values. Beowulf in the film at first merely cared to free the troll of Daneland but he investigated into the concluding why Grendel is perpetrating the slayings of the people in Danish community. He shortly feels commiseration for Grendel and try’s to assist his boy from the Danes that would harm him and assist him non to be a temple of hatred and retribution like his male parent to stop the barbarous rhythm of slayings on anyone once more. The Beowulf in the heroic poem has no commiseration or sorrow for Grendel but merely ideas to beat him in his pursuit in Daneland and the Beowulf in the film is more sympathy to Grendel by seeking to cognize why he is what he is and what he stands for.

At last but non least is Grendel in the heroic poem “Beowulf” and from the film “Beowulf and Grendel. ” Grendel in the heroic poem is a atrocious animal that is a dead person of Cain who doesn’t attention much for any human ethical motives that the Danes follow but instead kill with no motivation or ground. Bing an progeny from being “conceive by a brace of those monsters born of Cain. ” ( 26 ) for that he is “punished for the offense of abele’s death” ( 26 ) by being an castaway from the Danish community. In the heroic poem “Beowulf” Grendel poses a menace to the Danish people manner of life by killing people without paying testimonial to the wergild. a value put on a human being and if murdered or injured one Grendel must pay the tantamount sum of gold for the amendss to the victim or the victim’s household. Grendel does non believe one time of this oculus for oculus bunk. instead than to pay for his offenses he continues to slay without ground. that is the ground Hrothgar want to free Grendel from their society.

In the film “Beowulf and Grendel. ” Grendel is a different character than the Grendel in the heroic poem “Beowulf. ” he has a ground for his behaviors upon the people of Dane land. From his experience as a kid by seeing his male parent murdered in forepart of him by Hrothgar and the Danes. he grew a hatred and retribution towards the people of the Danish community who were responsible for his father’s decease. Grendel has some modern cultural value towards the Danes by merely killing the people that wronged him and contending “with a clean bosom. ” ( Film ) The Grendel from the heroic poem “Beowulf “is wholly different by slaughtering the Danes without purpose but Grendel from the film “Beowulf and Grendel” battles with a ground and that is a modern value because he isn’t some monster set on destructing a community but a character that wants to rectify everything that was wronged by him from the Danes.

Valuess may be really different from the eighth century to the present now because they are quickly altering from coevals to the following coevals ; from the age of the Anglo-Saxon to our modern clip of we see a hero and a scoundrel. The times have alterations from the heroes and monsters form the yesteryear to the heroes and scoundrels now. the values for each has changed a batch from non experiencing understanding for the weak minded monster to experiencing commiseration for the life of the monster and from a monster mindlessly killing civilians to holding ground for his offenses.

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