There was a 6. 5ft tall built man who wore Italian suites and comb his hair back with lots of hair gel and spoke in a deep voice by the name of Kirk “Ketchup” Soprano and was commonly known as “KK” . He lived in a town called Sun City. He was a very successful businessperson working as a stock broker, until a new Sun City president was elected, his name was Gaven Hope people called him president “Hope” he always had a suspicious look on his face. The president decided to, implement two new laws.

The first law was called the “Family Law”, which stated that you had to have a wife and children to work. The second law was called the “Crime Law”, which stated if you commit over five crimes you will be sent to the underworld to live with the underdogs. The underworld was about 250km deep underground and was dark and extremely cold; there was only one source of light it was an enormously big and bulky lamp going all the way around the underworld. The underdogs were uncivilized human beings their behaviour was appalling, they were very unhygienic, ruthless, unforgiving and insane people.

Kirk had no family and he was fired from work, this was exceptionally upsetting for Kirk. Without thinking, he went to the group centre this was a gigantic glass building where the president held all his conferences, Kirk protested against the laws using violence, he was armed with a gun and aimed for the president but missed and shot one of the president’s guards. Kirk was sent to the underworld even thou he only committed one crime; the president thought what he did was a dreadful and serious crime and so did every one else. Their Kirk was in the underworld with the underdogs.

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When he entered the underworld there was sign which read “Lettuce Entertain U”. To his amazement the underworld had a ruler called Maximus his facial expressions look as if he was a very ruthless, cold-blooded, brutal man. Maximus had a large army and was very powerful. He treated all people like slaves. The people there were kept in big heavy silver chains they would work for eighteen hours only getting a break to eat for about thirty minutes they were fed brown bread and vegetable soup after that they would sleep in cages for two hours this was the daily routine.

It was Kirk’s first day he was viciously beaten with a thin long black whip and a large silver iron pole because he was working slowly. He tried to communicate with the other people but they just ignored him, surprisingly one person was willing to speak to him his name was Bobby Brown he looked untidy and had a large scar across his face, but he told Kirk to call him Bob. Bob asked “What’s your name”. Kirk replied to Bob “call me “KK” that’s what everyone called me outside. Bob said to Kirk “I can’t wait until we eat”, cause I have been working for sixteen hours.

Hey were due to have dinner in 2 hours time. Kirk and Bob sat next to each other talking about the daily routine Bob asked Kirk how did u get here? Kirk told him about the two new laws that were implemented. Bob asked him what five crimes did he commit. Kirk replied ” I only committed one crime but everyone thought it was very serious. I disagreed against the “crime law” because I thought that it was too harsh, I thought we should just go to jail and do our time. I went to the group centre and tried to shoot the president but missed and shot of his guards”.

Then Kirk asked Bob “ever thought of getting out of this place”. Bob replied “what you mean… escaping”? Suddenly Kirk replied in a solemn voice “well yeah”. Bob said “yeah and I have an idea”. Kirk excitedly replied “Wow this is exciting news could you discuss this idea with me…. “? Bob replied and said “sure why Not, “There is a wormhole that leads you up to earth and is guarded by guards”. ” It opens every Tuesday because Maximus leaves through there to visit some important people it stay’s open until he comes back which is in two days time”. Tomorrow you will working with the chisel, put it in your pocket and get a small heavy rock as well. “Oh! Yes wondering what the rock and chisel is for, the rock is going to use to distract the guards and if the guards don’t get distracted we will use the chisel as a weapon”. Then act like you sick you will be sent to your cage”. “I will get a long, thin metal object to pick the lock. “After dinner I will go to my cage and pick the lock and I will pass the long, thin metal object over to you”. “We will do this two hours before the crack of dawn”.

The following day Kirk did what he was supposed to do and so did Bob. They sneaked out of their cages, and made their way in the freezing, cold, windy weather. All the only sounds you could hear were the hard breathing of Kirk and Bob. They walked and walked when finally they were near enough to the wormhole they hid behind a massive grey stone. To avoid being seen by the guards. Kirk threw the small rock in a opposite direction from the worm hole the guards ran foolishly towards the sound of the rock dropping, with not even a second to spare Kirk and Bob made there escape.

They were sucked in turning and twisting in every different direction while they were going through the wormhole they saw Maximus returning to the underworld and waved him goodbye. A few seconds later they arrived at their destination. To their surprise the wormhole got blocked because metal objects were forbidden to go through, but you could leave the wormhole carrying a metal object From the underworld only but then it would be blocked. Bob asked Kirk ” what are we going to now”? When they heard a large cheering crowd, the crowd came closer they saw a large sign that read “thank god the “family law” and the “crime law” has been withdrawn”.

Kirk asked a man from the crowd “why was the two laws withdrawn? The man told him that the whole town went against the president, the president did not like this and left this town. Now we have a new president who has agreed to listen to the public before making a decision. Kirk said to Bob ” I am going to earn some money by working and then take a long vacation. How about you Bob? Bob replied “I’m going to meet up with an old friend then I will see. Kirk said to Bob ” hope to see you around”. That was it!


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