Pathology techniques and processs are used in pathology sections to assist name and supervise diseases. Findingss and consequences obtained utilizing these techniques aid the intervention and control of diseases. Presently, there are four pathology subjects and they all have specific techniques and processs used to name and supervise different diseases. This essay aims to explicate either a technique/test/procedure from each of the pathology subjects ; Haematology, Chemistry, Histology, Microbiology, the rule of the trial, how it is used to assist in the diagnosing and monitoring of disease and any possible probe ( s ) that needs to be carried out as a effect of the initial consequences obtained.

Haematology subject uses full blood count technique amongst other techniques in the diagnosing and monitoring of diseases. Full blood count is really utile in the diagnosing of diseases because blood is the chief conveyance medium in the organic structure and it accesses every organic structure organ. In add-on to this, blood samples are taken from patients utilizing non-invasive methods. Full blood count can be carried out manually or by utilizing machine-controlled analyzers. Manual methods are more accurate because it does non except any blood cell unlike the machine-controlled analyzers but it is slow and clip devouring due to the big sum of samples sent to the sections. Automated analyzers measure haemoglobin concentration, white blood cells ( to five portion derived function ) Numberss, thrombocytes Numberss and ruddy blood cells Numberss in the blood. The analyzer checks the barcode of every sample before dividing in two parts ; one portion of the sample is used to mensurate the ruddy cells and the other portion has its ruddy blood cells lysed to be able to mensurate other blood contents based on size, coarseness and population. The consequences are shown on a computing machine to which the analyzer is attached. Abnormal consequences are highlighted while normal consequences are sent out to the appropriate section. Further probe is carried out on unnatural consequences. Blood movies are made from the samples with unnatural consequence. These movies are stained and observed under the microscope. Remarks about the unnatural consequences are sent out to Gps, physicians, clinics, wards or the appropriate section. Full blood count has helped in the diagnosing of diseases with similar symptoms. For illustration, high white blood cell count could bespeak either glandular febrility or tonsillitis. Using full blood count trial, consequences with normal neutrophils count but high lymph cells count identifies the disease been investigated to be Glandular febrility while high neutrophils count and normal lymph cells count indicates tonsillitis. Full blood count is used to look into other diseases such as malaria, anemia, diseases of the liver, malignant neoplastic disease of the blood besides known as leukemia and hemoglobin upsets.

Glucose trial is a major trial carried out daily in the section of biochemistry. Glucose is biochemical substance of high importance to the human organic structure with a normal concentration scope of 3.5-5.5 millimeter. Excess addition or lessening of blood glucose in the organic structure may take to diseased and life endangering conditions such as hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, kidney jobs and in utmost instances organ failures. ( Ahmed et al, 2007 ) Gps and physicians may bespeak for a glucose trial when a patient exhibits symptoms of low blood glucose, high blood glucose, slow healing procedure, weight loss and other diabetic symptoms. Sometimes glucose trials are ordered as portion of everyday physical scrutiny or when the patient has a household history of diabetes. Blood glucose can mensurate utilizing fasting blood sample or non-fasting blood sample. Fasting blood samples are taking from patients that have been restricted from nutrient ingestion for approximately eight hours prior to the sample aggregation. ( Eckman, 2010 ) Glucose trials are performed on venous blood samples sent to the research lab in tubings incorporating fluoride oxalate. The fluoride oxalate nowadays in the tubing prevents metamorphosis of the glucose nowadays in the blood sample. After these samples are measured for their glucose content concentration, the glucose concentrations readings are sent back to Gps and physicians that ordered them. The trial consequence helps the Gp/doctor to entree the province of the patient. If the glucose degree is low, the status is called is called Hypoglycaemia an index of Type 1 diabetes while a high degree of glucose is known as Hyperglycaemia an index of Type 2 diabetes. Further probes can be carried out to understand the badness of the morbid conditions in patients. Microalbuminuria, Blood Urea Nitrogen and Serum Creatinine trials may be ordered detect kidney harm in patients. Besides, urine protein cataphoresis can be carried out and in an utmost instance ; kidney biopsy may be required to detect the disease at the cellular degree.

Biopsy and readying of samples for staining is a really of import technique in the section of histology because it helps in the diagnosing of diseases at the cellular degree. Biopsy entails the pickings of tissue samples from patients by competent professionals to be examined under a microscope. Samples are collected utilizing assorted methods from any portion of the organic structure depending on the disease or status that is been investigated. The samples are received, examined and dissected by histopathologists every bit shortly as they arrive in the section. Next, the needed parts of the cleft samples are put into coloring material labelled cassettes ready for the tissue processing phase. The tissue processing phase is carried out utilizing a machine called a Tissue Processor. This phase involves the usage of fluids in repairing samples. Alcohol is used to take H2O and formol contents from the sample and this is followed by remotion of the intoxicant contents from the sample utilizing xylene. It is indispensable that the tissues are fixed decently so that the features of the tissues are non disturbed which may impact observations under the microscope. Embedding procedure is the following procedure after this phase. Here, molten paraffin wax is used to envelop each sample in a mold and so allowed to solidify into blocks in a cooling country. The implanting procedure helps the tissue sample to be immune to breakage during cutting in the microtomy subdivision. ( Bancroft, 2008 ) Afterwards the samples are passed to the microtomy subdivision of the section. Here a machine called microtome is used to cut the embedded tissue into wafer thin pieces. The pieces are put in hot H2O bath with a temperature of about forty-fifty grade Celsius for 30 seconds so as to flatten out the folds. ( Bancroft, 2008 ) The pieces are picked up from the hot H2O bath utilizing slides and they are ready to be stained. This technique is used to look into jobs and diseases such liver diseases, lung infections and upsets, malignant neoplastic disease, and malignant neoplastic disease malignance. Further probes can be carried out such biochemistry and microbiology trials to govern out any disagreements in microscopic observation.

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Designation of the disease causative agent is an of import portion of the intervention procedure of a disease. Swabs are used in the subject of microbiology to place causative beings of different diseases. This process is normally requested by GP & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s and physicians whose patients have lesions, ulcerations, secernments or are non symptom specific. Kinds of swabs include wound swabs, pharynx swabs, oculus swabs, ear swabs and vaginal swabs. Wound swabs travel through the diagnostic rhythm in the research lab that begins with sample response where the name and other inside informations on the signifier are matched with the inside informations on the sample. Following, the lesion type is assessed followed by contracting of the spectrum for possible site diseases. This measure is followed by the recovery procedure. This procedure involves utilizing a growing media as a stock to turn the organisms nowadays in the sample. This allows for observation of features exhibited by beings in the sample besides called designation procedure. Afterwards, susceptibleness and antibiogram trials are carried out on the samples and eventually presence and sensitiveness of the causative being is reported to the appropriate topographic point. All other swabs go through the diagnostic rhythm. Ear swab trials are chiefly used to place pseudomonas species and infections caused by staphylococci aureus. Throat swabs are used to place causative agents of assorted infections and diseases including diphtheria, sore throat and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. Eye swabs are used to observe infections and diseases such chlamydia, pinkeye and blepharitis. Vaginal swabs are used to observe infections such Trichomonas Vaginalis, venereal warts, thrush, Group A, C and G Neisseria and chylamydia. Swabs may non be able to place the causative beings in some instances sometimes due to different grounds such as inappropriate manner of sample aggregation therefore other probes may be carried out. Biopsies may be required depending on the status and instances like venereal warts can be farther investigated in the cytology unit of histology section.

Conclusively, this essay has explained a procedure/test from each of the pathology subjects. Besides, this essay helped to underscore the of import function pathology dramas in the diagnosing and proctor of diseases, the mutuality between pathology sections and the interaction between medical forces ( such as Gps, Nurses, mortuary directors and physicians ) and biomedical scientists. In add-on, this essay helps to understand that the hereafter of medical specialty, biomedical scientific discipline, disease intervention and control greatly depends on the find of more and efficient biomedical processs and trials.


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