Executive Summary

Personal computer Tech will supply computing machine and proficient consulting fixs, preparation, networking and upgrading service to local and little concern every bit good as place Personal computer users. The Company will concentrate on selling, reactivity, quality and making client dealingss.

Personal computer Tech was ab initio formed as a exclusive proprietary, but was reconfigured as an Personal computer Technical school in January 2003 PC Tech will at foremost be a place and office start up, using one studio room in the proprietors place and functioning clients in the local Karachi and Hyderabad country. In the 3rd month of our program, we will travel into a leased office infinite and engage 2nd technician. As gross revenues addition, we will engage extra forces.


Personal computer Tech has decided to concentrate on little concern market, as these clients do n’t hold lasting IT Technicians but they have strongly IT technician demands. Personal computer Tech will offer inexpensive rates, on call services for these clients. We can besides offer Contract base understandings that create extra monthly fiscal income. For residential clients we offer a really sensible and friendly base 24/7 service Pc Tech mark market will concentrate on Karachi and Hyderabad and environing countries. Market consequence demoing that in Karachi and Hyderabad there is a batch of PC fix concern for Personal computer Tech.

Support and Financials

To get down the Personal computer Tech the proprietor is financially support hard currency and aids. We are besides looking for bank loan, and we will refund within four old ages. Our gross revenues forecast based on market research within local countries. projected gross revenues in one twelvemonth steadily turn through twelvemonth three. To accomplish these undertakings, we will urgently publicize to work Personal computer Tech rivals weak points. With good disbursal control, we will look into a modest, comfy, 1st twelvemonth net income, even engaging new technicians.

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  1. To supply good quality services in a sensible monetary value.
  2. To publicize Personal computer Tech promotion often so that Personal computer Tech is common name.
  3. Maintain gross revenues growing from start-up through twelvemonth three.
  4. Customer satisfactions at least 60 % so clients will gives us more concern.

Personal computer Tech Mission

Personal computer Tech ends to put criterion for on call or on site Personal computer support through fast, remotely service response and on site as good. Our clients will ever have 24/7 service at a really sensible monetary value. Our clients will have highest quality client support service. We will gives developing to our employees, great environment to work, pay plus benefits and fillip and auto, In return our employees gives good judgement to work out clients ‘ jobs.

Keies to success

  1. Making trade name individuality and acknowledgment trade name through selling.
  2. On call response with great client service.
  3. Quality: No hole no fees
  4. Developing client relationship-retainers.

Personal computer Tech Company Summary

Personal computer Tech is located in Karachi owned by M.Amir. With little bank loan 3 old ages. Personal computer Tech will turn their service in 1st twelvemonth from 1 adult male, place and office based, computing machine fix store to profitable 2 individual concern in rent location. We will supply necessary design to fastest and expeditiously react to clients computing machine demands, fastest velocity, and sensible rate of proficient support.


  • Personal computer Tech will supply computing machine mending, proficient support, making computing machine webs substructure, virus remotion, Server design. As Personal computer Tech clients demands grow, So PC Tech will offer web designing, package development, to our clients.
  • Day foremost, Personal computer Tech on site, on call, distant entree and consulting service. So that we can salvage our clients or client clip to drop their Personal computer ‘s in Personal computer Tech workshop.
  • Personal computer Tech will offer web care contracts so clients can cover proficient support and fix, instead than to be after unexpected informations loss or system clangs and jobs.
  • Personal computer Tech offer limited free package installing so our clients will gives us more concern, we will supply backup recovery, salvaging informations with multiple runing systems like Windowss, Mac, Linux, Unix.PC Tech focal point on hardware and networking support.

Market Analysis

Personal computer Tech will supply web support in both confer withing and proficient issues to little concern and place based users. Since Personal computer Tech is presently a one adult male operation, the first three months growing of Personal computer Tech will be limited by the proprietor ‘s capacity to finish work. These first three months are critical for Personal computer Tech set uping credibleness and repute acquiring the occupation done every bit rapidly as possible. Personal computer Tech focus frontward on presenting first-class client support and proficient support utilizing good word of oral cavity for this initial period to web with other possible clients. Personal market research indicates by the proprietor an attractive market niche for Personal computer Tech services, of which PC Tech will take full advantage. Customers need aid with everything from installing of package and hardware aid, networking, web cabling, reassigning files from old Personal computer to new Personal computer. Small concern proprietor s need dependable and rapidly assist with their computing machine demands, since every hr down may intend an hr or lost of gross specially for those concern who utilizing web site for e-commerce dealing and E-business.

Market Cleavage

We have broken our possible market down into two groups, based on client demands, Home-based users and little Business user.

Home-Based User

Home-Based users use sophisticated applications by and large have adequate tech cognition, from engineering experience at work to make their ain computing machine mending and hardware upgrading. They change their hardware and will include computing machine itself, proctors, keyboards, mouse, pressman and scanner. Home-based group somewhat turning faster than the overall population growing in our country, due to the increasing on-demand computing machines old and retire people and immature households, approximately 8 % a twelvemonth.

Small Business Users

Small concern users will gives good concern to PC Tech, with 4 or more Personal computer ‘s or a web which they use for commercial or concern intents at least 40 % of clip. Small concern clients use include minor use like Windowss or package updating, website updating, book maintaining, stock list trailing, POS systems, informations entry, on-line product/service bringing and merchandise development, in writing designing and composing letters or transcripts for imperativeness release. The more intensive computing machine use for little concern, more critical it is to them their tech work good and faithfully, and that quality fixs and support Personal computer Tech are available in a crisis. Their Personal computer ‘s require will include same points which home users need, plus their waiter backups, system backup, storage their informations, and wifi networking. Small concern we are aiming is turning about 4 % a twelvemonth.

Target Market Strategy

Although there are more home-based clients, we believe the bulk of Personal computer Tech gross to come from little concern clients, they need our pressing service attending, and they are puting in tech as portion of their little concern scheme. Our selling focal point frontward on little concern proprietors. Most of the little concern clients do non hold full clip IT Technician, but they need full clip IT Support. Home based computing machine utilizing multiple users, they use it for multiple intents. Personal computer Tech home-based users need assist pull offing puting to incorporate the different demands family members they need proficient aid.

Personal computer Tech are besides selling peace of head we provide on-call service in friendly environment, efficient aid merely a phone call off. As comparison more companies transfer their call to automatize call Centre ‘s or touch -tone bill of fare, Simple reassurance of hearing another voice on the phone within a few rings is unmeasurable. Within a few hours person will assist you and work out their job. In computing machine Technology both in package and hardware side continue to turn let go of new Personal computer constituents at dismaying rates. For Personal computer Tech this means occupation security good into the hereafter.

Business Analysis Service

Secondary research market shows IT service clients tend to be really sincere to suppliers that do good work and gives their clients 100 % satisfaction of their demands.An analysis of Personal computer Tech chief rivals shows no overpowering strengths that would be important protocol to entry into market, as local rivals have major failing. Computer fix and care industry is fragmented, with some big, national participants and 100s of little, local shops. Most Personal computer ‘s are fix in shop, near the client, computing machine fix parts come from well-known companies and distributors, hold having parts can decelerate down fix procedure. Large companies solved this job by maintaining huge sums of parts in stock at all times, while local stores offer clients of personal interaction and trust that may repair the portion for some hold. Personal computer Tech will set up a relationship with a local distributer to make special-ordering, although this capableness is more expensive than normal channels. It will enable rapidly set up a good repute as efficient and responsive to their client demands. For little concern users We will publicize purchase this client trueness with great word of oral cavity selling and steady growing.

Scheme and execution Summary

Personal computer Tech Strategy and execution on three key points

  • A value proposition of timely and practical solutions, at cheapest rate as comparison to market rates, with 100 % warrant.
  • Exploiting Personal computer Tech rivals failing,

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