On the postcard, the beautiful scenery of Tasmania proved too overwhelming.The Australian Island, located north of the country,is where you can rest your body,mind and soul to your heart’s desire.Its white sandy beaches, clear blue sea water, tropical mountains and peaceful lakes promises to make anyone’s visit enjoyable and yet relaxing, complemented by the fresh air.It will be of no surprise if it is awarded the Best Tropical Island for the second year running.

An hour and a half journey from Sydney by plane or a scenic ten-hour long ferry ride from Melbourne, many will realise that Tasmania is nothing less special than its more famous neighbouring cities.

In the town of Hobart, located at the heart of Tasmania, one will find that Tasmania’s rich history is well preserved with its old buildings,made of sandstone, still in existence.Head down to Salamanca Market and you will see that the Tasmanians are proud of their heritage. Be enthralled by the display of the craftmanship skills passed down from generations to generations. This open-concept bazaar provides essentials that you will need and also hand-made souveniers to bring back home.

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If you begin to feel lethargic, take a sit in any one of the many coffee houses located at the sidewalks of the town.Opened from 8.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. these coffee houses guarentee to add that extra burst of energy you need.

For those who desires relaxation, peace and quiet, Cradle Mountain obviously is the place for you. The amazing landscape of tall mountains and beautiful lakes makes it an ideal location for any sight-seers and even having a picnic with loved ones. Another alternative is to visit the Launceston , a place full of extraordinary gardens that you can only imagine of, surrounded by modern architectual designed buildings.All these are made easier through good transportation system of buses and taxis at a low price.

Not forgetting those who relish a tint of excitement and adventure, kayaking and boat rides are available on the coastal regions of Hobart.Soak yourself in the stunning wildlife while hiking through the tropical Tasman National Camp. And if you think you are brave enough, why not go for a small ghost tour of Port Author, where 150 years ago, convicts were held , tortured and hanged in the prison!

As dusks sets in, be sure that you are the at the coastal regions of Tasmania or at the peak of the tropical mountains.Lo and behold, you will witness breathtaking sights of the sunset! It will leave you in awe as the “Peaceful Mother Nature” begins to in on Tasmania.

In case you are hungry, pamper yourself to the wide variety of restaurants and food outlets available.Dine in with ease knowing that prices here are affordable and seafood is the specialty!And if you are a big fan of oysters, you will definitely love the Barilla Oyster Farm. Here, oysters are served cheap and are the freshest oysters that you will ever get!To top everything else, enjoy the night scenery of the port of Habort admist the beautiful stars above.

After a tiring day experiencing Tasmania, check into Battery Point Guesthouse. A gothic-designed lodge that has an Titanic-desinged interior with breakfast provided the next morning.Price rangest from A$ 145-180. The “Gung-hos” or backpackers can also opt for a more tropical stay by lodging into Cradle mountains Lodge where you are seperated from civilisation and come closer to nature. No electricity is supplied into wooden cabins thus technology-dependent guests will definitely have a horrid time coping!

Historic sites, spectacular landscapes, bustling markets, vineyards and easy access around Tasmania – almost everywhere you look in Tasmania there’s something special to see or do! “SEEING IS BELIEVING!”


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