Performing enhancing drugs (Peed) are substances used by athletes to improve their performances. In today’s world sport has become very competitive causing athletes to use substances which will enhance their performance, Ill be talking about the positives and negatives to using Peed and it it should be legal or stay illegal. There are many reasons for using Peed from the athletes perspective and spectators. The use of Peed could lead to athletes enhancing their performance, this will also improve the standard of how the sport is being played.

If the use of Peed could be jugulate and everyone could only take a certain amount It will make some sports more interesting to watch and will be beneficial for the spectators who can experience a better standard of sport. In some sports it has been discovered that a lot of the athletes use Peed. For the athletes who don’t use them, could say that if the majority of people are doing It then why can’t I? This was a case in road cycling when Lance Armstrong was found using Peed and his reply was that most people in my sport are using them.

If you would legalize them then this problem wouldn’t occur. In the current world athletes are always under pressure by the media, fans and coaches. Some athletes don’t know what to do and turn to using Illegal Peed. Using Peed may not get rid off all the pressure but may help the athletes overcome a certain barrier in their sport as why they can’t perform the their best level. Testing athletes can be very expensive and also time consuming, this includes testing while a sprung event Is happening e. G. Olympics and also outside competition which can be very tricky.

Testing the athletes can be very expensive and may also not be very effective as the chemist who produce these drugs are always ahead of the drug testers. Last but not least f all athletes are using Peed this could create a level playing field for all, which will give each player an equal chance to succeed. Although it may create a level playing field for all, PEED are not available to all because of the cost. If they become legalized the rich will be able to buy the most up to date drug and the poor wont be able to afford any, which destroys the whole concept of a level playing field for all.

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If Peed do get legalized athletes may also think hey can’t succeed without them, this would lead to most people using them especially the young who usually aren’t informed about the dangers of Peed and the side affects which it could lead too. The damaging side effects for health of using drugs are known and Inevitable, and on that basis should not be allowed. The last point about keeping Peed illegal Is that sport is about utilization and development. Seeing a talented player will be destroyed because people wouldn’t know if it’s the players talent of the Peed which make him a great player.

Peed aren’t the same as training aids. Training aids are used to develop existing physiological and psychological abilities already within the performer. Peed boost performance artificially. Tofu its seen as very unethical and its going against exactly what sport stands for. Which is fair competition and that the best player wins without any cheating. Using Peed is clearly cheating and I believe that that arguments for using Peed are simply to weak and don’t compete with the reasons against. Therefore I think Peed should stay illegal.


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