It is my sincere belief that the pen through which we write words is certainly mightier than the blade. Allah Almighty said in his first disclosure “READ! And your Lord is the most generous. He who has taught by the pen. has taught adult male that he knew non. ” These words of the Holy Quran prove the cosmopolitan truth that the pen is the first mightiest thing that has brought the revolution of cognition. wisdom and instruction in human being. The pen expressions like a little ordinary thing. It is besides non really dearly-won and it does non hold much weight excessively. Apparently. its construction is besides non impressive in its built. but it has great strength and power. The holder of pen is ever knowing and erudite adult male. He succeeds everyplace and his orders are obeyed. If the arm of a warrior is a blade. the arm of learned and a dominating authorization is the pen. Who so of all time held the pen he would acquire the regard. wealth and celebrity. and he who left it. would go uneffective. unsuccessful and ineffectual. History has proved that the pen is mightier.

All philosophers. physicians. educated and wise work forces. scientists. poets. authors and applied scientists got their reputation due to the pen. Their names are still alive today merely on history of their books. theories. Torahs and their written work left behind them. Had they non held the pen in their manus. they would non hold had instruction and finally their names would hold been buried with them in the grave and remained in limbo. The advancement of scientific disciplines. development. and promotion of universe at big. all is indebted to the pen merely. The adult male invented electricity. ships. aero plane. wireless and telecasting. He is now commanding seas. mountain. rivers. air. H2O. fire. the Sun the Moon and the Earth. He is willing to travel beyond the Moon. The adult male had invented the computing machine. automaton. and he has succeeded in contriving the intervention of antecedently un-curable diseases. The information engineering has brought the states of the universe really nearer to each other. The latest intelligence of one terminal of the universe is known to the other terminal in a fraction of clip.

All these miracles have been possible by the cognition delivered by pen. Now some of us might inquire how the pen can be mightier than the blade. Yes! None can deny the blade it besides has great importance. because it is the following name of might and power. However. the blade can make mayhem ; spread a sense of panic like Changez Khan. and suppress the universe. With the blades. you can merely larn contending each other. There are many other arms of panic that has been invented. Now all the ace powers have the atomic power. the most destructive arm of the modern clip. The holders of such arms are supposed to be mighty states. Now I ask my resistance to reply how the atom bomb. has been invented?

In fact. this is the gift of scientific discipline or cognition whose surrogate name is pen. This proves that the power itself reliant without the pen. The power holding no support of pen will ne’er be effectual. and will be weak and defenseless. I don’t say that the blade and other arms used are useless. but their usage should be purely limited to self-defense and for the ultimate benefit of world. It is hence imperative that the blade is used for dictatorship and subjugation every bit good as implement justnesss. Whereas the pen whose 2nd name is knowledge and wisdom makes the state literate. cultured. and good behaved. The words from pen are ever better than blood spilt out by the blade.

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