There’s a saying: “people’s behavior Is largely determined by forces not of their own making”, which basically states that actions and decisions of humans Is more or less based by other’s rather than themselves. Although, “forces” can affect people to make certain decisions they don’t have too. All humans have a mind and the ability to think and act how they want. While some don’t understand this, others don’t hesitate to take advantage It. Ideally some are afraid to do what others don’t want them to do because they will be hurt, or simply looked down on by their society.

Personally, I agrees with the saying as some are brave and do what they want, usually too bring necessary change to their nation, other times to cause havoc to others. There exists countless examples In both history and the everyday where people choose to do what they want, regardless of what they are told or expected to do. Martin Luther King is an ideal example to help disapprove the saying. ML was the leader of the African-American Civil Rights movement.

A minister, King became a civil rights activist early In his career, King, along with all other African-Americans was being oppressed by the American citizens. Even with these forces on him, ML decided it was time for change, the time for everyone to have equal rights, no matter the color of one’s skin. Forces, in this case the Americans, wanted their slaves to obey them without asking questions. Furthermore, the whites felt they have hierarchy above others and thus demanding obedience and respect at all times.

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ML rightfully believed what the whites were doing was wrong and even though it was looked down upon my society he commercialese the wrong doings of the whites. King did what he thought was right, help colored men and women earn fair rights, all through non- Eileen acts. King used the power of words to bring Justice and freedom to the united States. Martin Luther King is a positive example of how ones behavior doesn’t have to be deployed by other forces, and that you can do what you want, whenever you want.

Similarly, Osama Bal Laden Is another example of humans not being affects by outside forces. Bin Laden was the founder of al-Qaeda, a terrorist group. The nation of America or even the entire world looked down on terrorism, as they thought hurting people for pointless reason was not effective in gaining respect or power. In his case unfortunately, Osama TLD take listen to anything the forces were saying and did what he wanted. He led multiple attacks on America, 9/11 being the most devastating.

Forces sometimes can help steer you in behaving as a ideal and respected citizen but as stated earlier, at the end of the day it’s all about what you do. Obviously, l, like many don’t commend Bin Laden for his outrageous acts of violence; however, he Is a good example of how forces are not responsible for peoples right, or wrong, decisions and behaviors. Imagine a scenario when two teenagers get into fight over, say over the best cell hone In the market, and one beats up the other when they disagree. Clearly the person who couldn’t control his anger when he had a disagreement Is at fault.

Healthy humans do have the mental faculties required to control their emotions, to recognize what is unacceptable behavior in the society they live, and to realize what perpetrator of violence is under the influence of drugs of abuse? I do not think so. He is responsible for his actions, as again the choice to be on illicit drugs for recreational purposes was his own decision. Many recreational drugs have addictive potential ND can alter your normal behavior, but again there are almost always ways to get out of the drug habit, even if it involves getting into detoxification program.

Let us consider a different scenario. Good students who are motivated to do well in school may put in a lot of effort in their school work, study hard for their tests, succeed in college and get a well paying Job. On the other hand, there are students who would waste their time, showing no meaningful interest in the studies and they may remain unemployed. The guidance of parents and teachers do play a significant role in nurturing a student’s interest in academics.

Also students with educated parents, the ones with a higher socioeconomic status, the ones with a stable family situation may find a more conducive environment to learn when compared to students with a lower socioeconomic standards and the students from broken families. However, these factors cannot be given as an excuse for poor performance in academic settings as most of us have the choice to put in more effort, to make a decision for a better future for ourselves. The rise of Obama to level of the President of USA, despite him being the only son of a teenage single mother is a case in point.


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