Many people would be happy and satisfied if they were in a relationship with money and celebrity. Doesn’t that seem like the perfect life? Everyone begins to believe that in life that’s all that affairs. and that’s all they need. nil could be better. Society dictates our ethical motives. feelings. the manner we do things and try’s to state us certain things we do are incorrect and we need to make them the manner they feel necessary. Our coevalss to come will hold no hint what the significance of a true. harmonious. happy life. They begin to believe that non stating the truth is all right. and finally acquire so use to it that even if they could hear the truth they wouldn’t want to. It becomes portion of their day-to-day life. Clearly our society. or authorities has their ain sneaky. conniving ways to seek and encephalon wash everyone. Due to the job that most people would instead hold love. money. and celebrity. it’s really rare to happen some one who doesn’t have any of that but is satisfied with merely cognizing the truth. Peoples look up to famous persons. but they do non put good illustrations or seek to be function theoretical accounts. In suggesting a solution to the job of adhering to the actions of famous persons. the analysis relates to Henry David Thoreau’s belief in individualism as he talked about in his book Walden.

Who is your hero? Normally the reply to this inquiry. at least for many of us. involves a celebrated histrion or vocalist. a famous person. The famous persons of the universe are the wealthiest. most beautiful and most fashionable persons to walk upon the planet. These icons. nevertheless. seem to hold no moral quandary whatsoever with perverting the populace. They are function theoretical accounts to the populace. merely as parents are function theoretical accounts to their kids. Children mirror the actions of their parents. as does society the actions of famous persons. Suddenly. few people in the universe are content because they do non populate the same life style as Madonna or Michael Jordan. Henry David Thoreau offers solutions in his work. Walden. to the changeless societal jobs we experience. Society feels the demand to conform to the actions of celebrated persons. ensuing in jobs such as forsaking of individualism. entreaty to philistinism and a focal point on position and wealth. These issues can be resolved. following the advice offered by Thoreau.

We all frequently abandon our positions to accept those of famous persons because we feel that being different is unacceptable. We change our really ain lives. and ways of idea. We see the shows about lives of famous persons. the powerful people of the universe. and experience force per unit area to be like them. If Jessica Simpson reveals her secret diet to the populace during a telecasting interview. opportunities are that the 1000s of adult females watching will hotfoot right out to the food market shop and buy the exact nutrients that Jessica ate so they can seek her diet. Womans are frequently so concerned about what being “up-to date” and “fashionable” by following Jessica’s diet that they lose sight of what is truly of import. This is merely one of the jobs that falls under the class of being deceived by famous persons. Are these adult females taking her advice because they believe they will be able to better themselves. or are they taking it because she is the one giving the advice? The ceaseless chase of “transforming” into a famous person makes us incontinent with the lives we already have. or could hold.

By seting attempt in seeking to populate merely like famous persons. we forget that we have our ain lives to populate. Thoreau stresses the importance of credence ; an person must larn to accept the life that he or she is given and live it to the fullest. “However intend your life is. run into it and populate it ; make non eschew it and name it difficult names. It is non so bad as you are. It looks poorest when you are richest. The fault-finder will happen mistakes even in Eden. ” This quotation mark indicates that each of us is given the life we have for a intent ; we need to accept that life is ne’er perfect. but that imperfectnesss are larning experiences that help us to turn. It is unpointed. so. to blow energy conforming to the life style of a famous person. given that they excessively are imperfect. “Shall a adult male spell and bent himself because he belongs to the race of pigmies. and non be the biggest pigmy that he can? Let every one head his ain concern. and enterprise to be what he was made. ”

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Peoples ever seek to be the best. but Thoreau farther says that it is non necessary to be “the best” every bit long as one can break him or herself by populating a autonomous life. Merely those of us who accept who we are can genuinely get down to populate. We should populate our lives to the fullest alternatively of brooding on how much money and celebrity we could hold. A watercourse of philistinism runs brainsick throughout our society. frequently because of celebrated people. How many times do we turn on the telecasting or travel to the shop and see magazines or advertizements having famous persons? We find it hard to disregard the things that are invariably shown. or flashed by the rich and celebrated. Manners. for illustration. are dictated by famous persons. Suddenly. long coats are fashionable merely because wore 1. Is it so amazing to purchase something original. or better yet. to defy from purchasing at all? Most of the apparels or other ownerships we own are non needed ; they are small. useless purchases merely made because some famous person made us believe that we need that. Addressing this issue. Thoreau advises people to possess nil more than is perfectly necessary. “It is desirable that a adult male be clad so merely that he can put his custodies on himself in the dark. and that he lives in all respects so compactly and preparedly that. if an enemy take the town. he can walk out the gate empty-handed without anxiety” .

This quotation mark shows that holding less ownerships allows an person to remain disconnected from philistinism and to see life itself. Society. nevertheless. barely follows this logic. Items we one time possessed merely out of necessity are now “not good plenty. ” Why do we purchase one brace of trunkss when it is every bit easy to hold two for 10s more dollars? Possibly the greater inquiry is why anyone would desire to possess more than what they need. The construct of philistinism is shown in magazines and newspapers. which are merchandises every bit good as false beginnings of information. These “trusty” paperss recount all of the most of import “news” so that people can remain informed on the secret lives of famous persons. Is it truly so of import to cognize precisely who’s dating who. or are these publications merely disguised aggregations of unneeded chitchat? On the topic of publications. Thoreau merely says. “One is enough” . Once an person realizes the lip service in day-to-day documents. it is non necessary to go on to purchase them. Unfortunately. we continue to buy magazines and newspapers because we have a craving for any sort of information. Knowing everything about every famous person has become one of the cardinal points of our lives.

The most educational experiences encountered are the 1s that straight affect the life of an person. The lives of a few affluent film stars in Hollywood non merely hardly resemble anything educational. but they consume our lives wholly. It is much more rewarding to concentrate on our ain lives than to blow hours pouring over the latest Hollywood dissolution ; people should utilize these hours to populate out something that benefits their immediate lives. Celebrities frequently lure society into believing that celebrity and wealth are the two most of import constructs. What is money. precisely? Does holding money automatically better one’s intelligence? Unfortunately. it seems that some well-respected affluent famous persons possess neither intelligence nor moderation. Peoples work long hours every twenty-four hours to gain as much money as possible. to be promoted or to be recognized in some manner so that they can take a “perfect” life merely like a famous person. Less fortunate people are sometimes deceived in their precedences by believing that holding money will convey approximately felicity. What they do non acknowledge is that by holding less. they live a much more happy life. as Thoreau points out.

“Moreover. if you are restricted in your scope by poorness. if you can non purchase books and newspapers. you are but confined to the most important and critical experiences ; you are compelled to cover with the stuff which yields the most sugar and the most starch” . The absence of money forces one to appreciate his or her few needful ownerships. and to concentrate on life itself. We should non invariably concentrate our attempts on accomplishing every bit much wealth as famous persons. Similar to wealth. “fame” is misdirecting. Everyone wants to be respected. appreciated. and even envied by others. When we see person walking down the ruddy rug. we frequently think. `it must be nice to be so admired’ . If it is genuinely so fantastic to be admired. so why do so many admired famous persons seem so suffering? Bing placed on a pedestal seems merriment at first. but human nature ne’er fails to remind even the celebrated that position is non everything. Thoreau advises people to value their ideas alternatively of celebrity. “From an ground forces of three divisions one can take away its general. and put it in upset ; from the adult male the most low and coarse one can non take away his thought” .

This quotation mark shows that our ideas are more of import that what others think of us. and that wealth and position are merely semblances. Merely self-improvement and the best necessities can do people see that life is non about phantasies ; life is about world. Henry David Thoreau offers a solution to each of the jobs faced by society because of famous persons. Thoreau strongly believes that individualism is a gift. and that it should under no fortunes be cast aside to follow the positions of person else. “Let him step to the music which he hears. nevertheless measured or far away” . Peoples should follow their true beliefs even if they are entirely in their positions. It is ne’er good to the life of an person to mime the actions of a famous person. or any other individual. Being alone enables us to see life otherwise. which adds a certain profusion that can non otherwise be experienced. Thoreau advocates simpleness in response to turning philistinism. “Simplify. simplify. Alternatively of three repasts a twenty-four hours. if it be necessary eat but one ; alternatively of a 100 dishes. five ; and cut down other things in proportion” . This quotation mark shows that we should populate without a batch of stuffs that we accumulate invariably.

As Thoreau says. we do non necessitate 100s of dishes to be happy ; 100s of dishes will barely be used. Similarly. people should cut down their ownerships to the bare lower limit to guarantee that their lives are non cluttered by loads. Thoreau encourages simpleness in a different sense when mentioning to wealth and celebrity. “The swiftest traveller is he that goes afoot” . Peoples who do non hold money can frequently unclutter their heads of the unneeded concern that comes with wealth and position. By taking the simple. harder path. a individual can larn more than they could hold if they had closing out the universe. We are defined by our actions and experiences. non by how much money or celebrity we possess. We all excessively frequently desire to the actions of famous persons in an effort to better ourselves.

This lone leads to abandonment of individualism. entreaty to philistinism and a focal point on position and wealth. Imitating the actions of famous persons makes people discontent with their ain lives and distracts them from concentrating on bettering what they already have. Rampant philistinism can take society into a downward spiral. stressing more ownerships alternatively of simple pleasances. The position and wealth of famous persons are lone semblances. coercing persons to value the sentiment of others above their ain. To copy famous persons is to welcome corruptness in our society. It is boundlessly more sweet to accept an imperfect life and to encompass it ; in clip. possibly imperfectnesss will go unforgettable experiences. Rather than love. than money. than celebrity. give me truth.


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