An individual’s perceptual experiences of belonging evolve in response to the transition of clip and interaction with their universe. In what ways is this position of belonging represented in your prescribed text and at least ONE other related text of your ain choosing? – Moria Perenise An individual’s perceptual experiences of belonging evolve in response to the transition of clip and interaction with their universe. In today’s society we are known for following the latest tendencies when seen. seeking to suit in by altering our individualities and falling into traps were we think we belong when truly we don’t. There are legion perceptual experiences that we as persons perceive belonging to be. They connect you with other people and their experiences ; find your position within society and may even make an individuality of the person. Peter Skrzynecki. the writer of “Felix Skrzynecki” . “St Patricks College” and “10 Mary Street” all portray assorted perceptual experiences of belonging but concentrate more so on “not belonging” in greater item. Felix Skrzynecki is an illustration of how the acceptance of a new civilization and seeking to belong to theirs. can take to the extinction of your ain. St Patricks College shows that by coercing person into a topographic point where they feel awkward and secluded in can take to a loss of involvement. a loss of individuality and the sense of belonging.

10 Mary Street showcases a community that belong within their ain cultural group but are separated from the remainder of society. It besides explores the challenges and privacy that immigrants experience when settling into a new state. Peter Skrzynecki uses assorted poetic techniques such as affectional linguistic communication. metaphors. similes. rhetorical inquiries and imagination. Recently. Australia has released a new Television series show that is called “Redfern Now. ” Episode 4. titled “Stand Up” is the related text that non merely displays non belonging but emphasises merely how much of a difference clip and your milieus can impact your sense of belonging. This can be seen through the duologue spoken and the camera shootings and angels that have been used. Belonging to mundane life is ever disputing. no affair whom the person may be. your sense of belonging to a great extent rely on your reaction throughout clip and the interaction with the universe. There is frequently a coevals spread between younger immigrants and older coevalss once they settle in Australia. Elders might work outside the place. but are normally more stray. Felix Skrzynecki. the male parent of Peter unluckily does non belong in the Australian civilization.

Peter’s acceptance of the Australian civilization has left his male parent disadvantaged and a sense of withdrawal. Felix place is the garden. where he walks “ten times around the universe. ” This exaggeration creates a sense of belonging in this scene. as he chooses to remain within its boundaries. His experience of supplanting after the war has led to his chosen province of positive isolation in a unafraid topographic point that he can command. Felix has an organic sense of belonging associated with the dirt or the land. really small with the remainder of the Australian people. Young people by and large speak English more rapidly and fluently while seniors frequently struggle to larn a new linguistic communication. “Did your male parent of all time attempt to larn English? ” The male parent represents an disaffection experienced by an older migrator. while the boy experiences the gradual integrating into a new society. The disjunction between male parent and boy comes from the latter’s inability to retain his Polish heritage to the full. He can non associate to the Polish friends. with their violent handshakings. their formal reference. their reminiscing about farming in Poland ; he even begins to bury some Polish words. much to his father’s discouragement.

The poet and the male parent are resigned that the boy will incorporate and absorb with the Australian civilization and traditions. The male parent. like a “dumb prophet” allows the boy to set down his roots – “pegging my tents/Further and farther South of Hadrian’s Wall” . This wall symbolises the barrier between male parent and boy. and the barrier that Peter ego imposes to hinder his belonging in Polish civilization. St Patricks College opens with a clear statement of the persona’s mother’s grounds for inscribing him in the College. The migrator female parent wants her boy to be educated a manner that is “best ; ” that will assist him “belong” in a new state. “What was best” suggests her repeat of these words and her strong desire for her boies belonging despite the obstructions of “fees and disbursals. ” The strangeness of the Latin slogan. “Luceat Lux Vestra” farther adds to the sense of the boys disaffection. misidentifying it for a “brand of soap. ” The repeat of the “eight years” displays the message of a difficult. long and painful journey that he had to digest.

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“For eight old ages. I carried the blue. black and gold. ” He carried a load. something of which he didn’t want to make. The list of the colors displays a deficiency of involvement and a sense of withdrawal that he had with the school. Uniforms are designed to do pupils suit in and place proudly with the ethos of a school yet there is no indicant that Skrzynecki feels he belongs to the school. “Unchanged by eight old ages weather” Peter showcases the disaffection that he suffered throughout the full eight old ages at that place. He started the school with a sense of non belonging and still even throughout the eight old ages of clip at that place. he still does non belong. His limited degree of interaction within the school has contributed to his sense of non belonging within the school. He wasn’t interested at all ; he was merely making it for his mother’s interest and knew that he did non belong. Joel Shields. an Aboriginal male child who received the Indigenous Scholarship to go to Clifton Grammar High School on “Redfern Now” faced similar challenges to Peter.

A low angle shooting of the male child in forepart of the school at 1:56. consists of the schools edifice imposing over the immature male child. The Sun is seen behind the school and the beams are touching the boy’s caput and shoulders. The beams are seen as a mark of hope but so are hindered by the statue of Jesus that blocks the entryway of the school and creates a reaction of uncomfortableness and confusion upon the immature boy’s face towards the statue. A sense of withdrawal is seen through this camera shooting and emphasises the same consequence that it had upon Peter Skrzynecki as he confronted the statue of Mary at St Patricks College. Joel Shields is seen at 3:14 at his first school assembly and is struck with surprise when the full school is expected to sing the national anthem. He does non sing the whole anthem and is left mumbling and awkwardly looking about at the other pupils lost.

He gets asked by a instructor if he knew what the national anthem was and in response. Joel says that “It’s a vocal Sung out for the expansive finals and cricket games… like when Australia plays England and India and that…” Joel displays a sense of withdrawal and uncertainness with the Australian civilization and is left privy because of his limited apprehension. At 10:07. Joel’s male parent tells him now to finish the prep that was given to him on the research of Australia. He besides confesses to his boy and says “You know what Joelly ; I have ne’er stood up for that vocal. non even for the province of beginning. It’s non our vocal. it doesn’t belong to us! ” This proves that in today’s society. even though clip has changed and the authorities have said sorry to the Indigenous. we still see a withdrawal between our native people and their connexion with the Australian civilization. Some Aborigines struggle today. seeking to belong to a civilization that isn’t theirs and in Joel’s instance. being forced to sing the national anthem at Clifton Grammar High three times in a row still “didn’t experience right! ” Joel and Peter both display marks of disaffection towards their schools and are caught up between conflicting civilizations and determinations.

10 Mary Street displays a group of immigrants that belong with each other but are separated from the remainder of society. “Each forenoon. close the house. like a well-oiled lock ; conceal the key. under a rusty pail. ” After old ages of rolling the universe as displaced refugees. the opportunity to put down roots would hold been resistless so the verse form conveys a sense of ownership and pride in the security it provides as the two mentions to “keys” and “well-oiled lock” make obvious. This imagination and simile shows a sense of trust in where they are populating. It’s their interaction with their community that make them experience included and safe within their ain country. The inclusiveness of the corporate pronoun “We” is repeated 3 times underscoring their togetherness and coherence. They belong to each other. In apposition to the warm ambiance. “Inheritors of a key. that’ll unfastened no house. when this one is pulled down. ”

The house that keeps their memories and dreams is traveling to be torn down. Their place in which they were raised in. their place in which they developed their felicity through and belonged to no longer exists. Fortunate plenty. Joel is eventually heard. After being expelled for declining to sing the national anthem. his household and the wider community including other Autochthonal pupils of the school unite as one and back up Joel. Mrs McCann. the principal of the school shows up at Joel’s doorsill and is greeted with Joel’s male parent who says “So. merely to do certain. he doesn’t have to sing the national anthem? ” Mrs McCann answers with “Correct. ” Although his hopes were lacerate down like the house in 10 Mary Street. he fought for what was right. Even through his short sum of clip. due to his interactions made. he pushed for a better manner to belong. Throughout the long battle of being forced to sing a vocal that wasn’t theirs and seeking to coerce himself to suit in utilizing their manner. he found his true individuality and his ain manner to belong.

An individual’s perceptual experiences of belonging evolve in response to the transition of clip and interaction with their universe. Some people spend their whole lives fighting to happen a topographic point to belong to. whether it is religion. state. civilization. or race. The three verse forms and the related text that were analysed in this essay. all portray different positions of belonging in response to the clip of the state of affairs and their interaction with their milieus. It shows that your sense of belonging is to a great extent depended upon how you cover with clip and your reaction towards your universe. When Felix migrated to Australia. he may non hold belonged to Australia’s civilization or integrated every bit much as Peter did but he did belong to his garden and if he feels safe and comfy. that’s all that affairs.

Through eight old ages of withdrawal and disaffection. Peter’s sense of non belonging started when his female parent enrolled him into St Patricks College but unluckily plenty. carried that sense all the manner until the terminal. In 10 Mary Street. his household eventually felt a sense of belonging within the community. Throughout the three verse forms. it is apparent that the perceptual experience of belonging has changed throughout them all. Through the clip that Peter and his household spent into incorporating with the Australian civilization. we now see them easy basking life and eventually experiencing a sense of belonging. Joel Shields was tossed into the sea of the unknown and faced similar challenges that Peter endured. He to felt a sense of withdrawal with his school due to his Aboriginal pride. he knew that by suiting into the school. he had to make it his manner and fortunately. he did and eventually after a tough battle. felt like he truly did belong. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. your sense of belonging depends upon you and your reactions towards clip and the interactions you make with the universe.


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