A book tells a story and gives you a visual in your head. Perfect chemistry is a story of a boy in a gang and a girl with a perfect reputation. Their attraction to each other comes as a surprise as though a slap to the face. This was something neither on them wanted but when they explored the attraction since they couldn’t keep away from each other, they fell In love.

The genre of this story is young adult since the story contains problems from the normal teen’s life. The story is told from the girl’s nd boys point of view and changing In each chapter, going from the boy to the girl. The style used in this book is very simple, though some vocabulary words may be diffcult to conceive. The story is especially two teens and how life may seem different one the outside for them but really their lives were quite similar.

Some problems for them may not have been the normal teens but mostly a teen can relate to most of their problems. The genre Is young adult because of the characters being about the high school age and having a story similar with a lot of teen living in the cities, where iolence and gangs are normal way of life. In most books, the story is told from only one character’s view but In this one it was told from both the male and female character’s view.

This helped in explaining how each event in the story had an effect on them and how they reacted to it. The reader is told the story where most details are known only to the reader but no other characters. The author has used some figurative language, has followed the normal sentence structure for the most part. The vocabulary In the books was difficult at times; some words wouldn’t have been omprehensible unless a dictionary was near.

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This story has different layers to it and may seem difficult to grasp at first but as soon as the reader gets past a chapter or two, it grabs the reader’s attention, quickly. The story Is about two teens that despite some resistance fell in love. Their love story went through difficult times like many others. Gang violence and high school life played a big role, but in the end came the happy ending that everyone craves. The genre, point of view and style were used very precisely, each step mapped out before. A story with a shaky start and happy ending.


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