Like any other persons. we are prosecuting our right in every ways. presenting our ideas and standing for what is due. We unrecorded side by side of our political system ; adhere to what is implemented. hold on what has been told and act purportedly. The people is the basic unit of the state that should be valued. cared and demands be sustained to augment their cognition and accomplishments in order to hold cooperation in elating the economic system and the life state of affairs of every person.

Education is indispensable. basic and a must to a individual for instruction is the beginning of cognition and can better you finally as you step up in every phase that is prepared for a long clip. The cognition that has been thought will be passed down up to the following coevals. It genuinely depicts that instruction is really treasure for everyone. This is something that can inform you from the lowest up to the highest information that could assist you accomplish your aspiration and ends even how difficult it is. But how is instruction be attained and sustained if it costs excessively high that even a individual saloon of it can’t be grasp? How could we perchance digest instruction when it is deprived to us because of dearly-won tuition fee rate? Is instruction today a right or merely a privilege?


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Our state is so taking for quality instruction. Every school promotes its alone and keen manner of public presentation and in every State Universities and Colleges is holding their centre of Excellency. But on the other side of the narrative tuition fee is ever increasing and once more and once more inflating. Majority of the colonists here in our state is holding trouble endeavoring merely to elate the manner of life they have. This could be the agencies of struggle between the pupils and the acquisition establishments. “Higher instruction for a better nation” but how our state will be better if this instruction they offered can’t be afforded? Merely in this clip many of my fellow young person are analyzing non inside the learning establishment but they are analyzing how they can provide their day-to-day demands and analyzing what occupation they are in.

Unemployment rate has ne’er been traveling down it ever strikes the sky above. Why non make or craft new and effectual expression and seek to interrupt down the jobs into pieces. We are confronting fiscal crisis and here comes the hyperbolic tuition fees what is the result of it? Probably crushed and ruined dreams of every young person will be every bit immense as a mountain. It is in this environment that the authorities intercession is needed. Our tuition fees are non Income Generation of our Alma affair. we are non investors here and we are non puting merely to construct glamourous edifices and substructure. because we merely necessitate a simple setup merely to larn absolutely.

Students are puting for their hereafter and we are non concern spouses of every acquisition establishment. We came to feed ourselves of information non to feed the establishment. Students are being aggressive because of this scenario go oning they form groups and parties taking to an action appealing this sort of instability motion tuition fee hiking. Of class they are full of potencies some of them are truly solid leaders and if this scenario will go on finally they will be like handicap individuals who can non travel because they were tangled down in the ground of they do non keep grades.

As what we are claiming and what has been told to us by our hero Dr. Rizal “Youth is hope of our nation” if young person are non decently equipped of information how can we stand for that claim? If we are non decently educated we will be wasted. Truly if this job will originate bit by bit nil would be left for our young person. Our future depends on what we are analyzing if this would be taken off from us because of the tuition fee hike our lives will be bootless and our state wouldn’t be productive plenty. Education is a must for everyone in fact instruction is right but what we are confronting today is now a privilege. Education is a long term solution to the jobs that we face.

So what consequence does it hold on pupils?

The addition in tuition fee every twelvemonth means extra loan and load to parents and more money comes out from the pocket for tuition. So if a pupil budget a certain sum of money for his or her whole class of survey. that pupil will hold to add excess sum of money to the old budget in order to be able to pay all his or her tuition fees.

Some pupils strive to work merely to prolong its survey. duplicate their clip and their attempt merely to hold more nest eggs and for other school undertakings and demands. Alternatively of concentrating their head and ability executing pupil duties it was divided into different activities in order to prolong the instruction they have. It can ensue to halt schooling for a piece merely to gain more money and salvage more and more to fix for its instruction. It can besides be the cause of hold for their hereafter and merely a waste of clip if they will halt and once more another fruitless for their lives once more. Depression. defeat and letdown will be felt by these pupils. The pupils besides become despairing to debt merely to go on and prosecute their dreams. So much emphasis imparted to these pupils.

These effects are truly inevitable if this load continue. Students are the beginning of adult male power if they are equipped with the best violative cognition and defensive techniques back uping our system supplying strong foundation from what they have learned.


High tuition fee can actuate pupils to endeavor more and larn how to value instruction more. because nil more instruction is a right. the fact that we can’t deny. But as of now we are still a underdeveloped state. We should non rapidly switch and jump forward for dearly-won tuition fee. Many of our young person is woolgathering of instruction particularly third degree instruction. Government should take a expression of it ; it is besides under its legal power to encompass with attending. Give out hope to these young person to prosecute the dreams they want.


Since it’s slightly impossible to halt the addition. the least we could make is to give more options to people who clearly have small capableness to direct themselves to a learning establishment. We can still advance scholarship grant or any internship in universities merely to ease up the tuition fee measures. But in this clip we should do certain that those donees are much more meriting so that it will non be wasted. Government should donate some installations or edifices merely to decrease the tuition fee. like patronizing from other groups or any party list groups. We should besides see the life manner of the people or income they receive comparing to the tuition fee. if necessary to diminish the tuition in such manner pupils can catch someway. Reaching out to pupils what is due to them. We can assist one another in explicating solutions to simplify things right.

As what University of the Philippines created called STFAP or Socialized Tuition and Fiscal Assistance Program. we can follow this thought and be regulated in every acquisition establishment. I think it could be more practical in this manner so that pupils may non transport heavy tonss. For those who came from low income households they will be having monthly allowance and alternatively of working at dark merely to prolong instruction they have. Under the STFAP. you can acquire benefits with respect to tuition fee payments. research lab fees and. in some instances. a monthly stipend from the university. The brackets with their corresponding benefits are as follows: * Bracket A ( income of over PhP1. 000. 000 yearly ) pupils pay the full tuition fee at PhP1. 500 per unit * Bracket B ( income of PhP500. 001 to PhP1. 000. 000 yearly ) pupils pay merely the base tuition at PhP1. 000 per unit

* Bracket C ( income of PhP250. 001 to PhP500. 000 yearly ) appliers pay 60 % of the base tuition at PhP600 per unit * Bracket D ( income of PhP135. 001 to PhP250. 000 yearly ) pupils pay 30 % of the base tuition at PhP300 per unit * Bracket E1 ( income of PhP80. 001 to PhP135. 000 yearly ) and Bracket E2 ( income of PhP80. 000 or less yearly ) pupils do non hold to pay tuition fees. Additionally. Bracket E2 pupils get a monthly allowance valued at PhP12. 000 every semester or about PhP2. 400 every month. Students categorized under Brackets A through D besides have to pay full research lab and assorted fees amounting to about PhP2. 000 upon registration.


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