Life is by nature a changing, and therefore stressful, phenomenon. One source of stress is the ongoing developmental process that starts with birth, and continues until death. The other source of stress is engagement imposed by circumstances beyond our control, especially in our changing times. Together, these ongoing stresses need to be turned to advantage by what we learn in dealing with, rather than denying and avoiding them. (Maid, 2012) Thus I have chosen to make my personal application on psychological hardiness.

Psychological hardiness It Is a buffer against aging. It helps people turn stressful situations and circumstances Into opportunities. Many people who show psychological hardiness have the tendency to see problems not as problems but as a way to make something else happen. The have the ability to hang tough and the capacity for seeing things differently than the way they really are. When people show a signs of psychological hardiness, they are usually deeply rooted In faith or a system of meaning. Medal, 2012) They also have a healthy social network, has a wide comfort zone and are able to recover from experiences in the panic zone of a traumatic nature. This is a very important thing to have because they way life is set up you need something to bounce back. I feel that I need to implement this in my life because with so many changing things I need hardy however, there are times when certain things make me weak and want to give up. I know that I need to root myself deeper in my faith and always look at things with a positive outlook.

My first action step is to root myself deeper in my faith, my second action step would be to look any situation and think of it as a stepping stone instead of a barrier that is set up to stop me. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 1 KAVA) Having faith is the key to overcome anything, which is why a person who is able to overcome things such as a psychological hardy person would need to be deeply rooted in it. Also looking at the glass as being always half full and never empty is saying there is always hope or a way out of whatever the situation is.

I can think of many things that have happened in my life and, I questioned them as to why this is going on. However, I realized that what happened had to happen in order for better things to take place. I am currently at a position that I need to replace the roof on my house and like most hard working people. I do not have $5000 laying around to pay for a roof. I have tried to get loans and have even tried such places as Home Depot and Sears and because of credit I have still been turned down.

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This could be a situation that should have me down, I Just look at it as a challenge and have stepped into my faith to know that this is only a temporary thing. God has all power and I have prayed about it and I have left it up to him. You learn that when you pray about something you have to step back and let God work. You cannot pray about something and keep picking it up again. This is not having faith, which makes me understand how your psychological hardiness and faith go hand and hand. It is no way to have this without faith in something because you need to lean on something.


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