But Instead I have been taking care of my sisters so that way my mom could work and not worry about us because I would be the one taking care of them and my moon Taking care of my family was the biggest responsibilities I ever had at a young age. I am proud to be a passionate young lady who has a bright future ahead. Throughout all the obstacles, I have been through, I was able to overcome my fears, my doubts and my problems to do better in life so that way when I’m fully grown I would be successful In life. My career goal that I intend to be achieve in life is to be a Nurse Practitioner, A

Nurse Practitioner is an advanced registered nurse who provides care to patients throughout life span, from pre-mature newborns to the elderly. I want to be a Nurse Practitioner because I love to take care of people. In order, for my dream to come true, I would graduate from high school with certain requirements to be eligible for the medical field. Such as chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, health and nursing and etc. I would then attend to a four year university. Then I would go to medical school to fulfill my dream.

In the future, I would like to be a leader to change my rankly generations so I can be able to show them what truly Is successful In life. This school could help me fulfill my goals because it would really help me to achieve my dreams. Believe that it would help me to fulfill my desires to become a Nurse Practitioner. This college could help me to built skills, independence, responsibilities, communication and other such lifestyles to become a nurse practitioner. I believe that this college would be Interested to have me as their with my education so that way I would be ring honors to my future classmates, family and friends.

I have a variety of experiences in volunteering and enrollment. Since I moved to Throngs Neck I have participated into an after school called Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club since I was 8 years old. I participated in dance, step, and art activities also sport. I love being at the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. I learned how to communicate with others and also having fun. I found my special talents which was dancing, stepping, volleyball and art. But my childhood was all around Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. Since I grew I couldn’t let go of spending my days at Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. SO I cited to volunteer at Kips Bay.

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I worked with kids, I assist Mr.. Henry with his Art class, I helped feed the kids, I even assist Mr.. King teaching the kids how to play some certain sports and also I also assist Mrs.. This with her office, such as organize her works and etc. That’s not the only experience I had, I also worked at Kips Bay because I loved working with kids. Since I came to Bronx Academy of Health Careers, I was very shy but I overcame my fears. I participated in many activities and also volunteer. I volunteered with the Global Girls, which we do fundraisers to help pay tuition to a oaf- Haiti boy name Jean Edmund.

We also volunteer at church, giving homeless people food. And we also did Meals on Heels where we volunteer to go to Manhattan to serve the elderly lunch. I also participated in Book & Theater Club where we read books and go to theaters to watch plays. I Joined the Peer Mediation where we was trained to become peer mediators in my school to help the disputants to solve their conflicts. I also participated in after school activities such as Bach Dance Team, African Girls Dance Group, Bach Step Team, tutoring and Saturday schools.

I have any intellectual because I’m intelligent, smart, kind, shy and capable of what I want to become in life. Also another work experience that I have for three years was working at Preston Compassion Center. I was a counselor working with kids and I’m still am. My responsibilities were to take care of the kids. I also learn how to communicate and to work together as a team. Having my own ambition, motivation and a key to success which would help me lead to my desires and dreams. This is who I am, a determined girl who truly knows what she wants to be in the future.


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