Every one of us has particular alone imaginativeness about oneself and ain individualism. and it can be helpful for personal development to analyse ain behavioural forms. reactions and psychological features. That is why comparing with an object or a living animal can be highly interesting and informative experience.

If I have to compare my ain personality with a tree. I would take such one as maple-tree. I think that this tree expresses my individualism the best. because I do non hold strength of oak-trees or melancholy of birch-trees. and I am non every bit resistive as pine-trees and non every bit ambitious as ash-trees. Maple-tree is a beautiful. but really unpretentious tree. which I would instead tie in with independency. assurance. religion. optimism and creativeness. And those are the most apparent characteristics of my personality.

I would conceive of myself as non a individual maple-tree. but as the one surrounded by many other trees and workss. It means that I am a sociable individual and I enjoy a batch disbursement clip in company of my good friends. As I am a portion of our large society. I imagine the maple-myself as a tree in a immense wood. where many different trees-personalities exist and interact. Besides. I respect my household ties really much and ever experience secure. cognizing that my household is my prop and remain. That is why my roots are really strong. and they hold me on the land really fast.

I am every bit sensitive to alterations in my surrounding. as a maple-tree is sensitive to seasonal alterations of conditions. When it is showery and blowy I feel sad and lose my usual optimism. as a maple-tree loses its xanthous foliages in fall or bends beneath heavy snows in winter. And in cheery yearss I am ever enthused. happy and seek to make out for the Sun. like a green maple-tree. Besides. I am a really inventive individual: I like art and music. I ever try to convey different colourss into my life and do my yearss bright and beautiful. like colourful foliages of maple-trees in fall.

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In add-on. I am a small spot of psychologist. and I like assisting people in work outing their assorted personal jobs and misinterpretations. That is why. although my maple-tree is non a really big tree yet. it is already strong plenty to distribute its subdivisions and give some shadow for those. who need some remainder and freshness.


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