My ethical position as identified by the Ethical Lens Inventory shows that I listen to my intuition. to find what character traits and virtuousnesss will outdo function the community. I am one who is concerned about the wellbeing of the community. and I like to do people happy. if it will profit the community as a whole. I make virtuous picks and tend to presume that everyone will do the right determinations. With my blind topographic point. I run the hazard of holding unrealistic outlooks of people. I tend to bury that people will still do errors and so will I.

My personal moralss are that people need to take moral duty for their ain actions. to non rip off or lie about their work. When we are composing a paper we must ever mention our work. so that our teachers know that we have non cheated and that we are honorable. With my values. I will show bravery and steadiness in the face of obstructions. I tend to avoid rash actions while charting an unseasoned class. I value connexions and friendly relationship. appreciating those who work with me.

I define an ethical individual as one with sound character traits and wonts of thoughtful contemplation. I find those who demonstrate strong leading in their functions and who encourage other to make the same exemplify ethical behaviour. Because my concern for the community and when I am at my best. I do hold compassions for others. I am more disposed to assist people shy off from taking any actions that may ache their opportunities of acquiring a superior instruction. I do non bask seeing myself or another pupil get into problem because they are non honorable. so I will besides allow them cognize when they are indulging in dishonest behaviour.

Harmonizing to my Ethical Lens Inventory. I run the hazard of non holding adequate compassion for people. I tend to believe that I am better than other people and hence. I find it difficult to take constructive unfavorable judgment from others really good. therefore doing it more hard to make a good occupation on my work. I would utilize my personal moralss to find a class of action. by utilizing my intuition from my Ethical Lens Inventory and doing certain that I follow the guidelines set out for the Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Guidelines. I need to do absolute sure that I will take personal duty of my actions. by finishing my work. passing it in on clip. and doing certain to mention all of my beginnings.

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In decision as interesting and every bit accurate as the Ethical Lens Inventory was about me. I do non hold nor see myself holding issues at all with the Code of Conduct or the Academic Integrity Guidelines. I know that I can be self centered at times and I do take it personally when I am critiqued. but non to the extent that I will mistreat authorization. I understand where I stand in my function as a pupil of University of Phoenix. I will non let myself or others to destroy my opportunities of having exceeding classs or my chase of rational growing and felicity.


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