Reminiscing on my life. I realized I have made many errors. I ne’er listened to what my parents told me. If I had merely listened to what they tried to learn me and took it into consideration on what I was being told. I would hold saved myself a batch of problem and clip.

However. I decided my ain way and did things my ain manner. non following the counsel of my parents. I still retrieve what my parents told me like it was merely yesterday. They told me “Education comes foremost and what goes about comes about. ”

The first lesson I learned was when I cheated on the concluding test. which caused me a batch of problem. It wholly started my first-year twelvemonth of high school. I made new friends and partying was much more merriment than remaining place and analyzing. My pa warned me to remain more focussed on my school work. I told him non to worry because I could ever calculate my manner out. He besides told “Don’t attempt to be cool merely to acquire attending of others. you will destruct your life” . but whatever he said seemed to travel in one ear and out through the other. I began to come to school 2 hours late every twenty-four hours. If I did come on clip. I would kip in every category. I ne’er did my prep. I was already behind in every category. Finals was coming around the corner and I knew I would neglect. so I decide to take the short cut and darnel on the test. Too bad. I got caught and went through many bad experiences with the instructors and school principal. It was a tough experience.

It seemed like the lessons get tougher as I grow older. This is the clip when my parents talked about “what goes about. comes around” . I started dating a batch around this age. Harmonizing to misss in high school ; it was cool to hold many fellows. You could state that I had many fellows. I did non care about their feeling most of the times ; I would interrupt their Black Marias. ache their feeling. Until one twenty-four hours. I met a male child and fell in love with him but he did non hold any feelings for me. I put myself in the same place that my ex-boyfriends were at. I was treated the same manner I did to others before. What goes about truly does comes about.

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Since I was a small miss. I was taught to value instruction. My parents ever used to state me to take instruction earnestly since they are high school dropouts. Well. sometimes I did miss on making what they said but by and large. I followed school reasonably good. I graduated from high school with awards and CNA “Certified nurse aid” certification. At first. I did non believe much about how instruction could profit me ; I merely went to school because I had to. After high school. behind the mercenary influence. many of my high school friends merely blindly saw the small benefits from money. So most of them would travel to work so that they can pass money. nevertheless they wanted. Keeping in head what my parents said about the importance of instruction. I took the long tally and went directly to college and haven’t halt analyzing since. alternatively of traveling to work to do money right off like many other childs. I saw the goods from instruction from others who make good money. holding good occupations. Again. the advices from the parents flash back in my caput.

Well. as a adolescent. I ever thought that my parents speak excessively much. sometimes annoying. I did non truly esteem what they had to state. As I grew older. I besides got wiser. and that is when I realize that parents are wise and to the full experienced with life. Everything that they say is advices from old ages of life experience. and they merely gave advices for my ain good. However. the older I grow. the more I respected my parents and I think everybody should experience the same manner toward their parents for the lessons they have been go throughing on to you.


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