I want to populate the good life. By that I mean a life of wealth. privilege. loving household relationships. and warm friendly relationships. At the terminal of my life I will be satisfied if my partner and kids are still by my side and if I have a close circle of friends. I intend to gain a batch of money and I intend to give liberally to charity. To accomplish this. I need clip and money. I intend to get married and hold three kids. My partner and I. who are still passionately in love with each other. are constructing an art aggregation. Both sets of grandparents live no more than an hr off.

We visit often and the childs adore them. I ain my ain hedge fund and gain $ 25 million a twelvemonth. My partner owns a business—maybe an art gallery– or a professional pattern. We live in a broad penthouse flat. likely in New York. We have floor to ceiling Windowss. positions in every way. a clean. sleek. modern decor. with tonss of infinite for entertaining. which we do often. The childs each have their ain sleeping rooms and portion a rumpus room. We have a live-in nursemaid for the childs. a live-in cook. and aid with the cleansing. We have a beach house. likely in South Hampton. We go at that place most weekends by chopper.

We all have busy lives so the quality clip we spend together on the weekends is improbably of import to us. We take alien holidaies two times a twelvemonth as a family—usually affecting some sort of escapade travel refering to my love for aqualung diving and for analyzing the ecology of coral reefs. Once a twelvemonth my partner and I go some topographic point romantic on holiday together. Each twelvemonth I take a holiday with one of the childs. merely the two of us. The childs go to great schools with little categories and a progressive course of study that lets them follow their ain involvements: there is no learning for the test in this school.

The childs are larning to sit. and to play tennis. squash. and Polo. I play these athleticss on a regular basis. I have a batch of physical energy so I run or bike each twenty-four hours. I besides work out every twenty-four hours in the gym in our flat. I have given up smoke. My partner and I are active in charity work. We are each on the board of a esteemed charity and when we go to their one-year fundraising events we get our images in the chitchat columns. We give 10 % of our income to charity each twelvemonth. I am a member of the Explorer’s Club because I have contributed something of import to the scientific survey of coral reefs.

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I spent a twelvemonth analyzing the coral reefs in the Similan Islands in Thailand before get downing my calling. While at that place. I besides studied Vipassna speculation. which I still pattern. I am confident and gregarious. I don’t sweat the little material. I plan for the hereafter and I work my program. but I am flexible plenty to bask surprising chances when they come along. 2. Career ends My long-run calling end is to have my ain hedge fund and earn at least $ 25 million a twelvemonth. The top hedge fund proprietors can gain well more than this ( Story B1 ) .

To accomplish this I need three things: proven skill at puting ( or the accomplishment to engage person with accomplishment at puting ) . connexions to the sort of affluent investors who put their money in hedge financess. and the ability to convert possible clients to swear me with their money. 3. A Strategic Plan for My Future I have four major ends: to halt smoke. to larn more about coral reefs. to get down a hedge fund. and to happen the right partner and get down a household. I can discontinue smoke this twelvemonth. I have decided to fall in a smoking surcease plan at a local infirmary this summer.

I have consulted with my physician and he thinks this is a good option for me. I am determined to win. I don’t cognize how long. or if. I will. as a devoted amateur. of all time be able to do a scientific find important to gain me entree into the Explorer’s Club. but I intend to continue as though this is possible ( Explorer’s Club ) . So far. my experience with scuba diving and analyzing coral reefs has merely been as a tourer and an devouring reader. I would really much like to take part in a existent scientific research expedition.

One of the world’s taking organisations for research into the ecology of coral reefs is the ARC Center for Excellence in Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University in Townsville. Australia ( ARC Center of Excellence ) . My program is to reach the scientists at the Center to larn what sort of chances there are for amateurs to take part in research undertakings. I am besides sing take parting in a research expedition. sponsored by the Earthwatch Institute. to Thailand’s coral reefs in December 2009 ( Earthwatch Institute ) . I have another motivation for making this. which is that I can conceive of meeting my hereafter partner on such an jaunt.

I would wish to run into person with whom I have involvements in common. I think it will take me 10 old ages to acquire the experience and contacts I need to get down a hedge fund. I would wish to apprentice myself to a taking hedge fund operator such as James Simons of Renaissance Technologies. John Paulson. or John Arnold of Centaurus Energy ( Story B2 ) . I am prosecuting an instruction in finance. I have besides been analyzing investing methods and I seem to hold an affinity for proficient analysis. I am pull offing a fictional portfolio as if it were real—tracking trades and so forth—and I am making moderately good.

I am be aftering to fall in the Marketing Technicans Association and to gain the CMT certificate. This involves a class of self-study and passing three disputing tests ( Marketing Technican’s Association ) . Fixing for all three trials is said to take a sum of 400 hours of survey ( Marketing Technician’s Association ) . I besides intend to be active in the association—to meet others in the field and hopefully to web my manner into a occupation in finance. As everyone knows. this is non an ideal clip to be looking for a occupation in finance. The sector has cut 400. 000 occupations in the past two old ages ( Bowley & A ; Story ) .

I plan on being relentless. To get down a hedge fund. I will necessitate clients. To happen them. I need to travel where rich people and people who manage portfolios for big establishments go. I plan to be active in fund-raising for our alumnus association. I play squash and tennis. I plan to larn to play Polo. an expensive athletics. I besides plan to be active in several charitable organisations. I hope this networking will set me in touch with the right people. Salesmanship is really of import in the hedge fund concern. Why should a possible client trust me with their money?

I intend to construct a repute as an ethical. reliable. solid individual. Peoples will swear me because I will be trusty. This may sound obvious. but one thing that is sorely losing right now in the fiscal community is trust. Too many people have been excessively severely burned by the people they trusted to give them fiscal advice. Probably the end that matters most to me is run intoing a life spouse. I hope I can make this in the following five old ages. I know how to run into people—that’s easy. But what I want to make is organize strong. enduring relationships based on candidly cognizing each other.

The best manner for me to make that is to be considerate and honest. In the yesteryear I have noticed in myself a inclination to play to the crowd. I will make what is necessary to acquire a laugh or to do person like me. even if it means stating something about my ideas. feelings. or sentiments that isn’t truly true. This is non traveling to work when it comes to happening a life spouse. I need to be amusing. considerate and honest at the same clip. I am slightly afraid of making this. 4. A Strategic Plan “B” for My Future What if my programs don’t work out? I find this really difficult to conceive of.

If I put myself in the right topographic point. often plenty. I know something good will go on. even if it isn’t precisely what I have in head now. There are ever options. I intend to follow my bosom so I make the right picks. Suppose I can’t acquire a occupation in finance when I want to? I will likely see traveling to work for one of the authorities regulative bureaus ; they will likely be engaging. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ( FINRA ) is one possibility. particularly since the CMT certificate takes me portion of the manner towards the FINRA Registered Research Analyst certificate ( Marketing Technicians Association ) .

This would open more doors. I am really ambitious. but if 10 old ages base on balls and my dream of get downing a hedge fund begins to look like an impossible end. I will likely see get downing my ain personal fiscal adviser pattern. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is calculating that demand for personal fiscal advisers will increase by 44 % over the following seven old ages ( Bureau of Labor Statistics ) . I am really interested in the thought of get downing my ain concern. even if it can’t be a hedge fund. Right now. I can’t say what other sort of company I might get down but it could be anything. I believe that I have to set myself in the manner of chances.

I will make this by going an devouring spectator of the economic system and an devouring research worker of concern conditions. I know what I am looking for: a merchandise or service that is necessary and nonexistent. This is how the great lucks are made. In a general sense. I am most interested in ways in which the cyberspace can be used to present new services. Netflix is an inspiration. The inquiry to inquire is how could calculate and networking be applied to acquire people this service. If you are speaking about a service or merchandise that can be delivered globally over the cyberspace. so much the better. Amazon changed the manner people shop for books.

Fresh Direct has changed the manner New Yorkers store for food markets. Seamless Web has changed the manner people order repasts in from eating houses. I see the universe as being infinitely full of possibilities. I know my dream is of utmost wealth and privilege. Maybe it is more of a phantasy than something that can be planned for. But I know all the stairss I take in prosecuting my dream—networking. CMT enfranchisement. constructing a repute as trustworthy—will unfastened chances for me. I can’t cognize what these chances are in progress. My program “B” truly is much more strategic than tactical. My program “A” is tactical.

But for program “B” I intend to make things that I am truly interested in. to take advantage of all chances to run into others with similar involvements. particularly those with a path record of accomplishment. and to go on analyzing and larning. There will be chances and I will hold my eyes open so I can see them. The CMT isn’t the lone enfranchisement I can prosecute ; it is merely the 1 that involvements me the most right now. The CFA Institute offers the CFA enfranchisement which is one of the most esteemed on Wall Street ( CFA Institute ) . This is another class of self-study followed punctuated by three tests ( CFA Institute ) .

The more I try to do a program for the hereafter. the more positive I become that readying is the most of import thing I can make. This is sing my love life. my household life. my involvement in coral reefs. and my calling. If I study and if I seek out other people. I will detect chances. You can’t analyze for love. but you can understand yourself and what you desire. The more I learn about who I am and what I have to give to a life spouse. the more likely I will be to happen that particular person. I want familiarity. deepness. and trust. I want to cognize and be known every bit much as possible. I don’t want secrets and I don’t want prevarications.

I am convinced that the lone manner I will happen a individual who wants what I do. and with me. is if I give these things foremost. Works Cited ARC Centre of Excellence. “Coral Reefs on Brink of Disaster. Scientists Urge Action Now. ” Science Daily. 22 October 2007. 28 April 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sciencedaily. com¬ /releases/2007/10/071021225256. htm & gt ; . Bowley. G. & A ; Story. S. “Crisis Altering Wall Street as Large Banks Lose Top Endowment. The New York Times. 12 April 2009. 27 April 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nytimes. com/2009/04/12/business/12wall. hypertext markup language? partner=rss & gt ; . Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Financial Analysts and Personal Financial Advisors.

” Occupational Outlook Handbook. 2008-2009 Edition. 27 April 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bls. gov/oco/ocos259. htm & gt ; . CFA Institute. “What Is the CFA Program? ” 28 April 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bls. gov/oco/ocos259. htm & gt ; . “Coral Reefs of Thailand. ” Earthwatch Institute. 28 April 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. earthwatch. org/exped/heiss. hypertext markup language & gt ; . Explorer’s Club. 28 April 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. adventurers. org/ & gt ; . Marketing Technicians Association. “CMT Program. ” 28 April 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mta. org/eweb/DynamicPage. aspx? webcode=CMTProgram & gt ; . Story. Louise. March. 25. 2009. “Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year. ” New York Times. p. B1.


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