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Please note that this Assessment papers has 8 pages and is made up of 7 Sections.

Name: Michelle Malcolm Course: Business & A ; Administration Unit: 1

Section 1 – Know the employment rights and duties of the employee and employer

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1. Identify four chief points that would be included in a contract of employment. If possible. utilize an illustration contract to back up your reply ( experience free to befog any confidential information ) .

1. Duties and duties
2. Hours of work
3. Salary
4. Holiday Entitlement

2a ) List three cardinal points of statute law that affect employers in a concern environment.

1. Wage and Pensions
2. Datas protection
3. Health and safety

2b ) List three cardinal points of statute law that affect employees in a concern environment.

1. Health and Safety
2. Equality and Diverseness
3. Pay & A ; Pensions

3. Identify a scope of topographic points where a individual can happen information on employment rights and duties. You should place at least two internal and two external beginnings of information.

A individual can happen information on employment rights and duties from a line director. a trade brotherhood representative. forces specializers and even informed co-workers. External beginnings include the Citizens Advice Bureaux. legal professionals and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

4. Describe how representative organic structures can back up employees.

A representative organic structure may assist with advise with jobs at work. assist happen preparation. reply inquiries to rights and duties. signpost the employee to an external organic structure.

5. Briefly describe employer and employee duties for equality and diverseness in a concern environment. You should give at least two employer duties and two employee duties.

It is the Employers duty to guarantee that all members of their concern are trained on the Equality and Diversity subjects. They should besides develop policies and processs to turn to equality and diverseness issues. They should besides advance just intervention. As an employee it is your duty to follow the policies and processs put in topographic point by the employer and go to all preparation Sessionss provided. It is besides your duty to handle others with regard and be polite.

6. Briefly explain the benefits of doing certain equality and diverseness processs are followed in a concern environment. Your reply should include one benefit for the employer. one benefit for the employee and one benefit for the overall administration.

Diverseness can add existent value to a concern and should be seen as a positive thing. An equal and diverse concern is likely to hold more competent. motivated and productive employees. That will in bend provide a more successful administration The employee can experience that the concern is handling them reasonably and that they will be treated reasonably by other employees. The benefits for an employer would be the happy and productive work force. It means that people with different positions and experiences can larn new things.

Section 2 – Understand the intent of wellness. safety and security processs in a concern environment

1. Identify employer and employee duties for wellness. safety and security.

If possible. supply relevant wellness. safety and security policies / paperss from your workplace ( or topographic point of survey ) to back up your reply. These paperss should be annotated to foreground the relevant subdivisions.

The Health and Safety at Work Act states that everyone has a duty for wellness and safety in the work topographic point. Employers have a legal and moral duty to guarantee the wellness and safety of their workers and 3rd partys who may be affected by the work of the concern under the Health and Safety Act 1974. They have a legal duty to understate the opportunities of a hazard. They are responsible for doing certain all machinery and work countries are safe as is moderately operable. And that all personal informations is unbroken and shared following the Data Protection Act 1998. They are besides responsible for informing employees of the processs of the concern either with processs. manuals or preparation. An employee has the duty to follow processs put in topographic point by the employer to maintain themselves and others safe in the work topographic point. Conduct themselves in a mode that is non a hazard to themselves or others. They should dress suitably for their occupation function for illustration. protective vesture. loose jewelry etc. They have a duty to describe or take action if they feel there is a breach of wellness and safety or if they feel there is a hazard.

2. Explain the intent of following wellness. safety and security processs in a concern environment.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that a concern must set about specific processs and specific actions to keep the safety and well-being of its employees and others affected by its work. The intent of following these regulations are to protect employees and 3rd parties from coming to any injury. There is a moral and legal duty to follow these regulations. By non making so you are likely to be reprimanded with mulcts. closing and even imprisonment. If it is an employee non following the regulations the effects could be every bit terrible as being dismissed from their occupation. It is besides economically good for the company in the long tally. It would salvage on mulcts for interrupting the jurisprudence. compensation to staff/3rd parties and the cost of losing clients cognizant of the jobs. A concern that follows the wellness n safety and security processs shows that they care about the well-being of their staff. clients and others.

3. Describe three different ways of keeping a safe and unafraid concern environment.

Personal Conduct- Don’t wear jewelry and vesture that could be unsafe. non be under the influence of drugs or intoxicant and being watchful and non tired at work. Personal Action- Be willing to take action to guarantee the safety of yourself and others. You have an duty to describe any possible hazard. Awareness and Observation- Be cognizant what’s occurrence in the workplace. notice any alterations and jeopardies.

Section 3 – Understand how to pass on efficaciously with others

1. Complete the tabular array below with descriptions of different methods of communicating. You should include two verbal. two non-verbal and two written methods of communicating.

|Methods of communicating |Description | |Verbal communicating |1. One to one treatments – you could be holding a brief conversation| | |or a formal interview with person. | | | | | |2. Phone calls – you could be holding a conversation with a colleague| | |at a different site or a conference call. | | | | |Non-verbal communicating |1. Facial looks – you could be drawing an look that | | |doesn’t lucifer what you are stating. Like raising your superciliums. | | | | | |2. posture/body linguistic communication – folded weaponries could look defensive. | | | | |Written communicating |1. Reports – these could be formal or informal. | | | | | |2. E-mails – these could be formal or informal. | | | |

2. Using two specific illustrations. explicate how to take the most appropriate method of communicating to run into your demands and the demands of others.

3. Describe at least two ways of actively listening.

Don’t interrupt. do notes and inquire inquiries at appropriate times. Recapitulate on what the talker has said so you can do certain you have understand right.

Section 4 – Understand how to work with and back up co-workers

1. Explain the intent of holding criterions for your ain work. Give at least two grounds.

2. Explain the intent of taking on new challenges and being able to accommodate to alter at work.

3. Explain the intent of handling others with honestness and consideration.

Section 5 – Know how to be after ain work and be accountable to others

1. Explain the intent of run intoing work criterions and deadlines when finishing undertakings in a concern environment.

2. Describe two different methods that you can utilize to be after your ain work in a concern environment.

3. Describe ways of maintaining other people informed about advancement and compare their effectivity. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each attack?

Section 6 – Understand the intent of bettering ain public presentation in a concern environment and how to make so

1. Explain the intent of continuously bettering your public presentation in a concern environment.

2. Describe at least two ways of bettering your public presentation at work. Where relevant. exemplify your reply with specific illustrations from your ain experience.

3. Briefly describe at least two different types of calling tracts that may be available to you.

Section 7 – Understand the types of jobs that may happen in a concern environment and how to cover with them

1. Identify at least two different types of jobs that can happen in a concern environment.

2. Complete the tabular array below by depicting at least two specific jobs that can happen at work and how they can be dealt with.


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