My academic background. which has been both varied and informed by different academic scenes. has seen my succeeding as a pupil in South Korea. Guam. and Seattle. Because of the nature of my father’s occupation. I have had the rare chance to analyze and to larn in a assortment of different educational scenes with a assortment of different rational attacks and cultural influences. My household and I arrived in Seattle from Guam in 2003 ; the family’s corporate end was to relocate in order to happen better educational chances for my younger brother and myself.

Though I had taken piano lessons for many old ages. I decided to prosecute piano as a avocation while I devoted more attending to working part-time in order to finance my surveies. As a pupil in Seattle. I shortly learned that music and psychological science were my passions and my music professor genuinely seemed to esteem my musical ability and invariably encouraged me to prosecute my musical involvements. Taking my professor’s advice. two old ages ago on Christmas Eve. a Korean woman’s association had a party to raise money for a charity organisation.

Necessitating some signifier of amusement. they invited me to execute a piece of music on phase during suppertime. I played Schubert’s ad-lib op 90. Eb major. I was nervous but on the other manus I felt delighted and hoped it wouldn’t be the last acting in public and for a worthy charitable cause. Music. in amount. allows me to intermix my personal passions with my academic endowments in a mode that can be used to profit society.

In footings of my calling ends. and my specific involvement in the University of Washington. the fact is that Id like to reassign to this university because I want to larn from experts with more experience and to portion my involvements with equals with similar ends and aspirations. My greatest dream. is to soothe peoples’ Black Marias as a Music Therapist. I truly enjoy sharing what I have learned with everyone and I am most delighted when I sing with people while playing piano. I enjoy acquiring to cognize peoples’ heads and emotions because I have empathy and this influences my musical manners and public presentations.

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Personally. for illustration. I have played synthesist in church sets throughout Korea. Guam and Seattle. and gave my clip to function as a music coach to many pupils. If I’m admitted into this school. Id like to be attend in schools choir and wind nine. Sharing. both personally and academically. is the greatest manner to larn and the greatest manner to give back to the community/ Culture. in my position. is a manifestation of diverseness. That excellence can non be attained without diverseness it seems. in the modern universe. to be a instead intuitive tax write-off.

Such a tax write-off is absolutely consistent with the implicit in nature of any intellectually honorable type of enquiry. A thesis must be formulated. tested against all of the available informations. and decisions drawn. Diversity contributes. so it is a necessary ingredient. for any type of strict analysis. Social truths can non be in a vacuity ; truths must be tested in the existent universe and with existent people instead than with fanciful paradigms that do non reflect the true diverseness of sentiment and contrary universe positions that reflect both our ain society and the universe at big.

What might look a absolutely plausible theory to one person might look inordinately unfair to another person ; a traditional attack that seems to one person to convey the greatest good to society to another person might endanger to socially banish minority sentiments ; and. eventually. ethnocentric positions inhibit academic enquiry whereas culturally diverse pools of scholars break down prejudices and lend to more meaningful treatments and theoretical paradigms.

In the concluding analysis. the University of Washington is an ideal scene in which to analyze and portions thoughts that have profound societal deductions As a immature individual already immersed in an progressively multicultural community and universe. I am particularly interested in the accent given to multicultural attacks at the University of Washington. Such an attack. respecting and promoting both personal development and academic development through the embracing of different cultural values and positions. lends itself exceptionally good to my ain ends and aspirations.

One of the causes of so much struggle in the universe today can be attributed to a deficiency of effectual communicating that consequences in unneeded misinterpretations and confusion. In world. in my experience. people around the universe have so many positive features and dreams in common. Peoples throughout the universe desire peaceable environments in which to populate ; people desire to prosecute harmonious relationships with household members and neighbours ; and. most of all. people desire to avoid struggles that are damaging in so many ways.


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