I came to England in 2002 and since then I’ve been setting tasks to achieve my goal, which is to go on to higher education and get a degree qualification.

I am keen on all aspects of business but I have a particular interest in Accountancy and Finance, due to my personal skills. In lessons, I love doing a database or spreadsheet for a business. It’s the one of best way to see how a business is going on.

At a young age I used to assist my Mother who used to run a small business, a cake shop, which inspired me to think that one day I will run my own business.

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At school I always focused more on science and social subjects, as well as maths.

Throughout my time at college I have improved my computer skills further during my ECDL, NEW CLAIT, as well as GCSEs at levels 2; I have developed my natural leadership qualities by being elated as a student representative; also many times I was raised in the church as a leader in various departments. Through this I have gained confidence and I have developed my communication skills.

Due to the diversity of subjects I have studied at school and college and due to my multiple personal skills, I’ve worked in different jobs, mainly in customer services and as a cashier. This has helped me to improve my skills further and I have been able to take on greater responsibility within my place of work.

I live on my own, which has made me to realise the value of money. Through my motivation and ability to work I’ve been able to manage to study and work part time for 3 years, with success.

I have a healthy social life, where I balance my interests, work and other responsibilities. I like socialising, as well as running 3 times a week, I enjoy playing guitar and singing as a hobby.

Being responsible for myself at such a young age in a new country and making such impressive progress has boosted my confidence for going to university. I am currently taking an Access to High Education in business and I would like to do a Business and Finance course as well as dealing with Management area. I am ready to start to university, to leave my work if necessary and commit myself to my studies.

I really look forward to my chosen degree and to becoming busy in aspects of university life. Therefore I am looking for a University that can offer me a rewarding and challenging course that I find leading to a comfortable lifestyle.


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