Adding the Framework” 1 . No, my answers have not changed for “What Is A Worldview and Why Is It Important to Me? ” 2. I don’t find it odd or offensive that Jesus Christ is the foundation for my life and the meaning of my life since I know that Jesus died for me on the Cross. Step 3 “If a God, Then Which God? . No, my answers to either of the last two questions from Step 2 have not changed after reading Article 3. 2. My view of meaning, ethics and my own worldview have not changed a whole lot. The only thing that has changed is me being open to view the different ways in which others view God. How they view God, whether bad or good, will determine the way that I would need to minister to that person Business Ethics: Good and Bad Is ethical behavior good or bad for business? This is a question which cannot be answered easily. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of ethical behavior.

Advantages of good ethical behavior are higher revenues, better employee recruitment and new resources of finance. Some disadvantages of ethical business behavior are higher cost, higher overhead and the danger of building up false which reflect some ethical worldviews. First, Staff is a temporary placement agency whose mission is to enrich their clients by placing them in the right Job. A particular client called in as they normally would and was told that they was placed on the Do Not Use (DINT) List because there were no Jobs available at that time. The client then emailed concerns to the head manager in charge.

The client followed up the email by calling Keystrokes confirm that the email had been received. The client was informed by the recruiters that they were taken off the DINT list. A reliable Staff source told this client that this wasn’t the case and the client was still on the DINT list. One of the requirements of working for Staff was that a client was required to call in to update available employment each week and this particular client called in for three years. After three years of the same treatment the client decided to call Keystrokes voice growing concerns.

Each time the client called the client was put through to voice mail. The client then went into Staff personally to try and straighten the misunderstanding; however the client was treated very poorly. (Naval, N. , 2011, May 18). This is an example off bad business ethical practice because Staff was very rude and mean to one of their clients. Secondly, let’s look at business ethical practices of infant formula companies. Some hospitals have stop giving free samples of the infant formula to new mothers because it goes against the goal of increasing breastfeeding rates among new others.

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Infant formula may cause many illnesses that can be avoidable and some hospitals are tired of the many illnesses that infants get from drinking formula. From ear infections to cancer risks, infant formula was proven to cause unnecessary toll on the healthcare system. Breastfeeding helps the immune system and it reduces the risk of ear infections, colds, cancer, obesity, and allergies. The infant formula companies cannot say the same thing. There are infant formula ads that show pictures of women feeding their babies formula that have lead many mothers o using infant formula.

Mothers have been breastfeeding far longer than infant formula has been used. An infant that was given the formula were subject to sickness and death. This is another example of bad business ethics. The infant formula companies were feeling the pressure of losing profits so they engaged in unethical practices to protect their profits. ( Lawrence & Weber, 2011) Finally, a company named Primary fired some Indian suppliers because of the use of child labors. It seems that the companies were using children to do the work that adults should have been doing.

They used the children because they did not have to pay the children as much as they would have to pay the adults. The Bib’s Panorama program told Primary of the problem. (BBC News) The information provided by the BBC enabled Primary to identify that illegal sub-contracting had been taking place and to take action accordingly. Under the terms of code of practice for suppliers, Primary prohibits the use of child labor in its manufacturing chain. The Indian suppliers were out for personal gain and selfish interest. (Lawrence & Weber, 2011) When companies go against the law it’s because they have a corrupt organization.


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