Assessment and Dialogue Public Relations Interview: Personality Assessment and Dialogue Lauren is a Human Relations Director for a premier public relations company in Los Angles. In the Spring of 2014, she received a resume from business student, Rachel. Impressed with her credentials, Lauren invited Rachel to interview for a position as a Communications Coordinator. As the Interviewer, Lauren seeks to evaluate Earache’s strengths to determine her compatibility with the company. Rachel arrives at Laurel’s office building ten minutes early, feeling confident and well repaper for the interview.

She takes a seat and patiently waits for Lauren. As Lauren walks in the room, Rachel quickly stands up from her seat to shake her hand. “Hi Lauren, it is so nice to meet you,” Rachel states with a smile. Lauren replies, “HI, it’s nice to meet you as well. Let’s take a seat in my office. Would you like any water? ” Thirsty from the heat and relieved with Laurel’s bubbly personality, Rachel cheerfully accepts. The two women sit down and Rachel hands Lauren her resume along with a set of references. Lauren takes a look at Earache’s resume and says, “l see you’re a

Business Management major, what made you want to apply for this position? ” Rachel answers, “Well, I have been working part-time as a publicity intern and have come to really enjoy this field and would like to pursue a career in public relations. ” Lauren responds with intrigue, “Public relations is a great expertise to pursue. What about it interests you? ” “Public relations peaks my Interest because I feel It works ideally with my personality. I prefer a fast paced environment with a blend of everything where I can express my creativity.

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I find there is a lot of variety in public relations: I like writing, planning and organizing and also enjoy meeting new people,” Rachel explains. Lauren then asks, “Could you describe to me the kind of person you consider yourself? ” Rachel ponders for a second and then replies, ‘l would consider myself to be friendly and outgoing; I can get along with anyone. I’m also a responsible and very organized person,” she admits, “l hate clutter and messes. ” “l am the same way! ” Lauren says, “What type of satellites do you enjoy on your day off? L am very adventurous and enjoy activities such as hiking, camping and traveling. I’m active and really like venturing into new experiences that peak my curiosity. I have artistic interest in nature and love the outdoors,” Rachel expressed. Lauren pauses and then asks, “What do you feel are your greatest strengths? ” Rachel takes a few seconds to gather her thoughts and then explains, “One of my greatest strengths Is that I have a strong sense of self-discipline. I have the ability to persist at difficult tasks until they are completed.

I also have a strong sense of self-efficacy and pursue y goals with determination. ” Impressed with her response, Lauren takes a sip of water and continues, “What do you feel is your greatest weakness that you would like to improve? ” Rachel pauses for a few moments to reflect. She is a very cautious person and always thinks through her decisions. “Honestly, my greatest weakness Is speaking in front of large groups, and at times feel overwhelmed,” Rachel confessed, “However, I have noticed that working in public relations has significantly improved my communications skills when meeting new people. Surprised by Earache’s honesty, Lauren continues, “This position may be stressful at times due to certain deadlines and projects, how well do you work under pressure? ” “My level of neurotics is relatively moderate. When I’m under pressure, I’m able to contain my emotions in order to respond to the situation. I overcome any feelings of stress or anxiety by taking my time when making decisions. My orderliness allows me to effectively manage pressure. For example, at a previous position as a retail supervisor, the store took over a large number of clients from another store.

It was initially very overwhelming, but with planning and effort, I was able to overcome the anxiety. ” Lauren continues, “How do you react to criticism? ” “l am very open-minded to new ideas and appreciate constructive criticism. I’m open to learning new ideas about other opportunities in which I can improve,” Rachel emphasized. “With this position, you will often be working on projects with other people. Sometimes personalities clash and the environment becomes tense. Have you ever had a conflict with a co-worker or superior? And how did you handle it? Lauren curiously asks. Rachel admits, miss, I have had conflicts with co-workers in the past but never anything major. I’m an agreeable person and have found when situations like these occur, I prefer to handle it sincerely in order to maintain social harmony. I am sympathetic and considerate towards others’ feelings and urge the person to help me understand their perspective. I am very cooperative and really dislike confrontation. In some cases, I am willing to compromise in order to maintain that balance. ” “Do you prefer to work as a member of a team or alone? Lauren implored. Rachel explains, “l am equally comfortable working as a member of a team and individually. I would classify myself as embitter, in between an extrovert and an invert. I believe I have a lot to contribute too team environment. I’m a very altruistic person, I am always willing to assist those in need. In my last position as a supervisor, I worked with the other supervisors to plan and manage the schedule and to provide training. It was a positive experience in which I gained many skills in collaborative situations. ” “That is very interesting.


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