Even though o have joined one of the most peaceful nations in the world, we are aware that you may experience some moments of confusion when adjusting to the Australian way of life. There will be times when you are confused by the inconsistencies you encounter. This is because we value diversity and the rights Of the individual. You are free to express your opinions without fear Of retribution. This is obvious through songs which depict various aspects of the Australian identity.

At a superficial level, the song “Land Down Under”, by Men at Work, expresses pride in our natural identity and friendliness, as well as he Australian attachment to travel. But a closer look at the lyrics exposes the Susie sense of humor. As you get to know Australians you will be struck by their ability to laugh at the disasters that befall them. This is never meant to be offensive, rather it is meant to take the edge from painful situations so that people are able to move forward with pride and dignity as “women glow and men plunder”; women glow with mirth and men plunder their emotions to find the humor in difficult situations.

Laughter is a powerful emotion and Australians have learned to harness its cleansing power. This view of Australia is developed through the chorus “Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder, You better run, you better take cover This song shows Australians’ fierce national pride, coupled with the ability to laugh at adversity so as to disable its debilitating effects. It doesn’t matter where you were born, being Australian is an attitude. John Williamson song “True Blue” also reminds us that being Australian is a state of mind, but Williamson focuses on metathesis. Metathesis is a bond between people that is uniquely Australian.

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We are not an overly demonstrative people; we live by he rule” that actions speak louder than words”. We show our regard for others by what we do; if you are in trouble we will be there to lend a willing hand, “standing by your mate when he’s in a fight,” whether the fight be against the elements, or some other adversity. You will quickly notice that we are not overly emotionally demonstrative, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t care. The statement, “She’ll be right,” carries an intense message of encouragement and hope. Australians are eternal optimists; certain that if you just wait things will turn out well, and of course they are right.

As you absorb the Australian way of looking at life you will value your mates from all nationalities and you will feel supported and nurtured when someone tells you,” she’ll be right. ” Australia is a truly multicultural nation, built on the skills and values of people from many different backgrounds who had the vision to work together to make this nation great. The song “l am Australian” by The Seekers acknowledges the strength of cultural diversity “We are one, but we are many, and from all the lands on earth we come, we share a dream and sing with one voice. Am, you are, we are Australian. ”

Bring the best of your culture here to enrich and extend Australia’s multicultural ethers. Welcome again as citizens of this country, Australia. Enjoy the freedom to sample everything that Australia has to offer. We are pleased to have you come to Australia to connect us with your life of the past to our world of diversity. If you have any difficulties trying to fit in, we can help you in all ways possible. Chase your careers and dreams in this country and it will come true. No matter who you are, where you came from you are always welcome in this country with everyone having equal rights to be here.

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