This twisted view of justice must be recognized and must be stopped. The “random” stopping of people before and after they board a plane not only violates that person’s personal rights, but it creates an artificially induced hatred to a particular group of people as well as demonstrates the overall ignorance associated with racism. Racial profiling is the law-enforcement practice of singling out members of racial minorities as suspects. Heavily practiced in airports today, this procedure does much more harm than good.

In suspecting Arabs or other minorities solely for the fact that they are of a different ethnic background strongly violates what our country stands for. Arabs and other minorities who once saw the United States as a place of freedom and equal opportunity now experience firsthand the true injustices it furnishes. Clearly, after September 1 1, individual rights took a back seat to what was promoted as the greater need of protecting America from further harm. In reality, Americans sought a scapegoat in an entire race of people instead of the few people who were involved.

The sheer racism racial profiling constitutes clearly demonstrates the overall ignorance of those who find it to be a positive practice. By supporting racial profiling we are supporting racism, and by supporting racism, we are supporting hate. As this practice is becoming common procedure, entire groups of people are being discriminated against. This erroneous view of a complete race, induced by racial profiling, demonstrates the overall misconception and ignorance people have regarding people who are different from them.

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Labeling a particular group of persons as terrorists not only is unfair but it tarnishes the reputation of that entire race. By practically making discrimination an acceptable action, it hinders Arabs and other groups from obtaining jobs and a respected status. Overall, racial profiling is merely another form of discrimination and a violation Of individual rights. Its continued practice serves not to instill security in the minds of those that travel, but instead infuses hatred and fear towards those who are of Arab descent. The false sense of security it may produce in one person is merely a product of the unjustness it inflicts on another.



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