Can we live any longer without technology? Of course we could survive, instinct would direct us through our lives, but could we enjoy our lives. Could we do things to the best of our ability without the machines that we have grown so reliant on? The use of technology is increasing day by day to make accomplishing our everyday tasks effortless. The main question is whether this is good or bad. The focus of technology is to make everything less complicated and more practical. A great example of this is the sat Nava. Out f 5 18-30 year olds confessed to no longer being able to navigate with an atlas because really… It’s not necessary. Using a machine to plan your journey makes traveling less tedious and not as troublesome. Of course you can still use a traditional map; however a satellite navigation device is more accurate than a piece of paper. Gone are the days of maps obscuring your vision of the road when trying to find your position on a sheet the size of the windscreen; instead you have a 4-6 inch screen connecting to satellites and knowing your current location in seconds.

Imagine you are in a car accident and the emergency services need to be called; how will you find your location if there are no signs? Before, you would have attempted to guess your approximate distance down the road, whereas now, an exact co-ordinate is immediately given on this little device. The most obvious advantage of the Satang, is being able to find your way again after becoming lost. Disaster struck when my Mum decided she would be able to find the location of my netball match without the help of our trusty Tomato- Time ticked by as we ended up at ultimate dead ends.

It took 5 minutes of driving around in a circle, a lot of angry uttering and the looming deadline of the netball match start time, before she finally decided to give up. I whipped out the Tomato and within seconds the patronizing voice of Marge Simpson blurted out of the machine “Turn around when possible. ” She sat glaring at the windscreen before following the machine’s direction. Though there may always be a reluctance to rely on the direction of an electronic device, there will likely be an acceptance eventually.

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We arrived at our destination seconds before the match started, all thanks to our Satang. No matter the complaint about the little navigator, it will always come down to the simple fact of how easily it helps when you are lost. Let’s face it, at the beginning of Satang use, that one monotone voice certainly began to irritate after a while. Nowadays, you can choose from multiple options such as Dart Evader,

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