They wanted to protect the people from a tyranny, the political system that Great Britain at that time had. Therefore, a Democratic Republic was created in order to give people equal powers in the government. As a result, we have the Legislative branch that is supposedly controlled by the votes Of the citizens. When Great Britain was ruled under a monarchy, the King was the sole ruler until death. He made all decisions and only heard advice from those close to him. Even after his death his heir continued to rule under his body of citrines.

Nevertheless, the people did not have a say in anything, especially if one was a peasant one was not even considered part of the population. There wasn’t any room for new ideas, or for voices to be heard. The King only cared about getting wealthier and continuing his lineage in the throne. Does this sound familiar? Nowadays, the candidates that make up the body of the legislation resemble King George Ill, who was “unfit to be the ruler of a free people” (Bare), because he ignored them when they wanted to be heard, and unjustly ivied taxes on them to raise revenue for the British crown.

The members of congress, like the King have life tenure of their seats in the legislature, because they can run for re-election as many times without impediment. The possibility for congress members to retain their seats for a prolonged period pushes them to get caught up in the loop where they worry more about keeping their career than passing legislation. This also blocks any new ideologies to enter congress as well as, causing them to behave as if they were above the laws that citizens live under. Legislators spend more time and money getting re-elected, than on what’s really important.

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As soon as they get re-elected their mission is to raise money and campaign to get re-elected once again. They don’t put their most necessary attention to passing the legislation that addresses the problems in our communities like: improving the education system or health care system. Winning is so crucial to them, that passing bills on what light bulbs we should use is more utterly important, because it will make their donors happier. Happier donors mean more lavish campaigns, which results in the candidate eliding his seat again.

It is absurd that the majority of the congress members waste a massive amount of time turning being representative or a senator into their lifetime profession. They forget about their constituents and about addressing issues that are crucial to our society. The last time personally heard about education reform was in 201 1. President Obama asked the congress for a new educational reform and he gave them a deadline. Their response was that the President’s deadline Was arbitrary and the issue was not further dressed (“Obama Pushing Congress”).

Not only are they too busy getting re-elected and searching for personal benefits, there is also the issue that the congress is kept from being fresh. We barely have new ideas coming into congress. We’ve been having the same people with the same ideology for decades. For example, Representative John Dingle, who’s been in seat for 58 years! It will be difficult to change their ideals because they all have their goals set for the planned time of incumbency. Their non-stop re-election also increases their wealth, giving hem higher chances on winning because they can spend more on campaigns than a new candidate of a modest income.

Resulting in a blockade of an opportunity of someone bringing in new issues and ideals to the congress. Our Founding Fathers were intellectual thinkers that brought forth so many suggestions that coincided with the Constitution, and always brought up solutions to problems. Believe we have many citizens that are like our Founding Fathers, and are eager to share their ideas about this political system. However, those of us who have hopes and dreams of someday avian a name plaque on a seat in congress, have to realize that the chances of that happening are slim if we keep on re-electing these members and allowing them to re-run non-stop.

Another issue is that of course they are the lawmakers of the nation, which instills in them a behavior of being above the law. Since they are re-elected it constantly opens the door for corruption and violation of the law. For example, Nancy Polloi, who was the Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011, was accused in 2011 Of using inside trading (which is illegal for citizens to do) o buy massive amount of Visa stocks, before anyone else could (Wires). This is not the only instance of law breaking in congress, it occurs constantly because they have plenty of time to do it.

So why does it seem like we are subliminally being dragged into a tyranny? We can surely avoid this simply by imposing term limits on our congress. If we do not take this action we will lose our right of a Democracy. We must use our right of freedom of speech and preserve this institution. The Founding Fathers envisioned a long lasting Democracy in where the people have the eight to raise their voices and in where all together “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Elicited States of America”.

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