Persuasive “Facebook me later! ” or “Hey did you see that picture on Tumblr? ” are some of the phrases you may hear from many people nowadays. For some reason people just love these sites! Have you ever stopped to think why so many people use these social media sites? Although there are certain pros to using these sites, don’t get me wrong, the cons definitely outweigh the pros.

There are many consequences to using these sights, like the fact that once you put something online you can never erase it , there are many hackers and identity thieves out there trying to get your information, and that it can even put your future at risk; and these are just to name a few. Before you post a picture, comment, blog, video, etc, online, have you ever stopped to think that once you post whatever it is you are posting online, it will remain there perpetually? I know many of you think that once you delete something it’s erased permanently.

The truth of the matter is that it’s not. You may have deleted it, but you don’t know who saw it, who could have saved it to their hard drive, or how many of their friends they may have showed it to. It may no longer “be there” but people may still be talking about it or even looking at it. Now let’s fast forward a little. Let’s say you’re currently married and have children. Now, you posted an indecent picture of yourself online back when you were a teenager. One of your kids happen to stumble upon this picture. What do you do now?

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You may have deleted it and thought it was gone forever, but regrettably it’s not, and now it’s back to haunt you. Another big problem with these social media sites is that there are always identity thiefs, hackers, and just plain old thiefs out there trying to get a hold of your information. I understand your chances of being hacked may seem very slim, but is anyone ever really “safe” online? The more information you put out there, the easier it is to steal things from you. As a matter of fact, according to a young hacker himself that broke into NASA “Well, it’s power at your fingertips.

You can control all these computers from the government, from the military, from large corporations. And if you know what you’re doing, you can travel through the internet at your will, with no restrictions. That’s power; it’s a power trip. ” What greater form of power than to have absolute access to your life? Let’s say you put as your status “gone to Orlando for the weekend. ” Now this thief (or hacker) knows that you’re not going to be home for the weekend. It gives them an easy opportunity to break into your house and have a little “shopping spree. Sometimes it’s not just your stuff they want, it’s your money. Did you know that hackers can hack into your Facebook or Twitter and pretend to be you? According to MSNBC they can even post comments pretending to be you and ask people for money, or try to get other stuff. There are tons of things that they could do. There is an additional downfall to these social media sites that a lot of people don’t think about; they can put your future at risk. Did you know that more and more colleges now a days are looking at social media sites before they accept a person into their colleges?

Believe it or not, it’s true. You may think “Oh if any colleges actually do it, it’s probably a very small portion! ” On the contrary, according to a Kaplan survey of college admissions officers, “more than 80% of colleges use Facebook to connect with and recruit potential students. ” Of course they don’t check everyone’s social media sites, they just dig deeper on a person when a red flag is raised during the admissions process. Can you imagine? Not getting accepted into the college of your dreams simply because of an indecent picture, comment, blog, etc you posted online?

In closing, there are many cons to these social media sites that many people don’t think about. For example, once you put something online you can never permanently erase it, you can get hacked or even get your identity stolen, and it can even affect the future you had planned. All of this can happen in the blink of an eye. While you may think you are protected while you are on these sights, the truth is a lot of the time you are not. That’s just a little something to think about the next time you sign in to your Facebook and are about to post something potentially detrimental online.


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