Squash is a popular racquet sport that is played all over the world. It is usually played on an indoor court surrounded by four walls. The front wall has a tin at the bottom that acts like the net in tennis. Once the call is hit into the tin, it ceases the play for that rally. Squash is usually played in a single game by two players. A double game can also be played by four players. Each player uses a racquet that is usually made from loosely woven but tightened strings within a round or elongate frame. The ball is made from rubber.

All balls must be hit against the front wall and played alternate between plays until one cannot return a ball to the front wall. Squash currently has a global audience and technical innovations. Squash is destined to ascent to the Olympic. Quash players are among the fittest in the world. In addition, the quality of squash has improved through the media coverage and presentation. Furthermore, squash audiences have improved significantly. Squash should be in the Olympics. It is a great sport, well watched and appreciated by many throughout the world. If squash is accepted in the Olympics, it would raise it profile.

Squash payers would be able to secure several Olympic gold medals. Squash is already played in every major multi-sport event, including the Commonwealth Games, the Pan Am Games, and the Asian Games. But competing in the Olympic Games would be the most important opportunity for a player – and winning gold the ultimate prize in the sport, which is what the IOC would expect. I really hope that the next generation of players gets the opportunity to take part in the Olympic, because the past players didn’t get such opportunity. Furthermore, they deserve a chance to try out for medals.

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