Expo Aviation is a private company that provides air service from Colombo to Jaffna in Sri Lanka. The Expo Air start on 1997, and has since successfully established a strong repute amongst domestic air riders based on the Company ‘s committedness and dedication to supplying a service of the highest quality whilst adhering to the most stiff safety criterions.

The air hose was started operations in 1998 utilizing two air trade ‘s Antonov An-8A aircraft andA Antonov An-12A aircraft. In 2001 Expo Aviation starts Domestic Passenger flight toA JaffnaA utilizing anA IL-18A aircraft and subsequently replacing it with anA Antonov An-26A aircraft. The same twelvemonth Expo Aviation is re-namedA Expo Air.

Plague Analysis

1. Political and legal forces

Political and legal forces can be measured through revenue enhancement Torahs, deregulating statute law, environmental Torahs, employment Torahs, and general authorities policy and monopolies statute law. Other than that the terrorist activities and import/export ordinances besides included in this analysis.

2000-2008 Terrorist hazard now most of the air hoses are unable to let their riders to maintain liquids in manus luggage. If we take in Sri Lanka September 22, 2006 Department for Transport has announced alterations to the limitations in topographic point for the passenger car of manus luggage on Jaffna going flights. Now each rider is permitted to transport one point of manus luggage up to 10kg with maximal dimensions of 55cm ten 40cm ten 20cm. Therefore expo Air besides have to inform this to its riders and do all the alterations harmonizing to demand of Department for Transport, Sri Lanka Since there is such restriction to clients, client satisfaction can be reduced The Sri Lankan authorities has formed a set of ordinances in footings of safety and environmental regulations. This once more increases operating costs within the Colombo. When Expo Air wants to keep its low menus it has either the possibility to cut costs elsewhere in order to counterbalance increasing costs for safety and environmental revenue enhancements or it has to finance those costs by increasing services gross

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2. Economic

Economic factors concern the nature and way of the economic system in which a house operates. Because ingestion forms are affected by the comparative richness of assorted market sections, each house must see economic tendencies in the sections that affect its industry ‘

3. Social and cultural forces

The societal and cultural section is concerned with society ‘s attitudes and cultural values. Specially Societies attitudes and values towards transit ( Hanson & A ; Dowling et.al, 2005 ) . The best illustration would be altering perceptual experience of people about air going. Societies attitudes towards low cost air lines has increased in the Europe since 1990s. The chief ground for this possible market is because the figure of people going between the states has increased after the formation of the European Union.

4. Technological Factors

The engineering is of import to an industry such as an air power industry. It gives a competitory border over the other organisation in the industry. Some of the technological facet had given Expo air competitory advantages over the other organisations.

Wide area network

The recent contract with the Cable & A ; Wireless ( C & A ; W ) Expo air intends to guarantee and stabilise its broad country web with new added characteristics to the technological developments in the industry. This development even ensures the employees to do soft calls over the laptop where this once more would cut down the administrative costs involved giving a competitory advantage.

On program calls

Expo air has even ensured that its riders could pass on while going on their planes. This would be definite benefits for the concern travelers to do their calls over their concern trades. This is a definite growing in technological facet.

Swot Analysis on Expo air

The SWOT Analysis Summarizes table.strengths, failings, chances in the tabular array below

1. Strengths of Expo air

Expo Air was the first air hose to be approved by the Sri Lanka Civil Aviation Authority to recommence civil flights to Jaffna in June 2002 and has since provided the populace with an uninterrupted flight agenda to Jaffna.

The chief advantage of Expo air was the experience ( 07 old ages ) over its chief rival Aero Lanka.

By the 1997s Expo air was the largest low cost Air line in Sri Lanka.

Expo Air & A ; Sri Lankan Airlines entered into a Joint Venture Agreement in late 2008, where Expo Air offers a block infinite lading capacity to Sri Lankan air hoses for their Cargo

Expo air planes are more productive than major bearers where Expo air planes made mean

By 2002 became the biggest rider bearer from Colombo to Jaffna and the largest Goods bearer on every path operated.

Four trips per twenty-four hours opposed to the mean six of larger air lines After spread outing it ‘s service to international expo-airlines has developed it ‘s substructure for the benefit to the clients. The development as follows by the unintegrated sectors-


Supplying New movie and some kids game with programmes such as comedies and sketchs. Expo-air besides has 22 wireless channels to supply music from around the universe. Sri Lanka ‘s wireless channels cover the European charts, Golden Era, classical and wind and popular music choices from Sri Lanka, A Arabia.


Expo-air Catering, although a 100 % owned subordinate of expo-airlines, is a standalone operation responsible for its ain economic substructure.


As a first measure after the LTTE onslaught, Sri Lankan Government halt flight from the Colombo to Jaffna ( Losses more the 10 million )

Niche market

Since Expo air operates in a niche market, it makes the growing limited.

The secondary airdromes

Some of the Expo air airdromes are far from the advertised finish. This at times becomes inconvenient to the clients. When clients are unsated it will cut down the repetition client Numberss.

The broad imperativeness coverage on Expo air incorrect moves and on unpleasant advertizements.

Expo air is celebrated for its formidable advertizements. Many times its advertizement are widely criticized and considered violative. As a consequence Expo air slightest ruin acquire a broad media coverage.

Poor service

The services provided by the organisation are of hapless quality. This is decidedly a failing since client service is indispensable in a service based organisation.


Expo Aviation signed an Agreement

Expo Aviation signed an Agreement in late 2008 with the national bearer of Sri Lanka, where Expo Air offers a out of use infinite Cargo capacity entirely to Sri Lankan Airlines to transport their Cargo to selected finishs in India on a hebdomadal footing. An aircraft entirely dedicated for this Operation ensures an uninterrupted, dedicated and professional Service which has one time once more paved manner for Expo Aviation to do its grade internationally. It is made certain by Expo Air to maintain to the times and operate flights on schedule.A This Joint Venture has helped Sri Lankan air hoses maintain an uninterrupted Service to their Customers with the extra flexibleness of altering paths, lading capacity & A ; flight agendas on anterior Agreement with Expo Air.

Engage in long-run understandings with oil providers

As an chance, Expo air can come in in to long-run understandings with an oil provider where the oil company agrees to provide oil at a predetermine rates. This would be helpful for the Expo air to maintain its carnivals lowered even under lifting oil monetary value conditions. Which means, even if the oil monetary values increased Expo air does n’t necessitate to increase their carnivals every bit good as their operating cost. Outsourcing client relationship direction services

Expo air has the possibility of outsourcing client relationship direction services. It helps to cut down the cost of keeping client inside informations, staff and needed engineering Further it will assist the company to obtain expertness cognition and service in order to hold a beforehand client relationship direction system. Expo air supplying a safe, comfy and friendly service to riders. Expo air record as a safe and dependable air hose and intend to keep and construct upon that record.

Increase transparence in operations

‘One manner to better operational transparence is through the usage of real-time informations provided over service-oriented architecture systems, utilizing off-the-rack solutions and applications to present a more agile This will assist Expo air to cut down the cost in pass oning up to day of the month and accurate information to needed people who are interested in Expo air.

4.Threats faced by Expo air

Increased competition within the low-fares industry

The competition between the low menus air hoses has a possibility of going fiercer due to the riddance of entry barriers for new entrants. This is due to the determination by the authorities to deregulate the air hose industry. Customs controls whereby making a individual ‘domestic ‘ Jaffna to Colombo market.New entrants indicate a higher no. of houses viing for a portion of the market which reduces the proportion of market portion available for Expo air. Further, more air trades winging in the aero Lanka would besides intend additions in charges for air traffic control?

Dependence on oil markets

Expo air air hoses require fuel to run their trades they depend to a great extent upon the oil market and the universe oil monetary values. Therefore, as the oil market is rather volatile, sudden monetary value additions threatens the low monetary values of Expo air

Powerless in forestalling responsibility for fuel

Expo air is in a powerless place to forestall the debut of responsibility for fuel or environmental charges, therefore it would cut down their growing potency as they rely on monetary value stimulation

Dependence on economic rhythm

Terrorist onslaughts to the ongoing-war in Iraq, all of which caused a planetary economic downswing, left most of the major air hoses to run at a loss.

Expo air and aero Lanka bound one another ‘s growing ‘route wise ‘

Since aero Lanka is Expo air most direct challenger they both face cut-throat competition from each other. These two air hoses need to come in into a peaceable co-existence otherwise they will go on to harm each other ‘s growing and the paths on which they operate could go conflict Fieldss puting all parties who are involved including the riders at a disadvantage

Growth in replacement transit

If the closest replacement for air transit being rail conveyance additions their capacity and efficiency, so people might be given to travel on to this replacement as it is more inexpensive, particularly leisure travelers ( since they like to take clip to go about ) who consist of the bulk of Expo air client base.

Expo-Airlines was adversely affected by the prevailing environmental jobs, terrorist act and the eruption of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS ) .

Powerless in forestalling responsibility in fuel

Expo-air is in a powerless place to forestall the debut of responsibility for fuel or environmental charges, therefore it would cut down their growing potency as they rely on monetary value stimulation.

Limited growing in Jaffna

There are merely limited growing chances available in the Jaffna market ; hence, Expo air needs to get down researching new markets in other profitable markets.

Summary for Expo air

Expo air SWOT analysis is used chiefly to measure the current nature of Expo air concern to find a Management scheme for the hereafter. It should besides assist you to look at how you may make this by looking closely at your Failings and Menaces that you have identified. Great attention needs to be taken when be aftering a scheme non to upset the balance of your Strengths as you could happen that your Strengths all of a sudden become a Weakness if you do n’t utilize them.

The manner that SWOT has been introduced to you is the simplest manner that it can be found. It can be used farther to analyse your concern ( depending on its size ) on a Local, National and Global degree. This is done by dividing up the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your concern into the appropriate class ( e.g. High Unemployment in the area- Local Threat because of less disbursement ) .

It can non be stressed plenty that the analysis is carried out reasonably and exhaustively. This will so set you in a place to calculate and fix for the hereafter accurately to give realistic aims and undertakings.


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